Helios UK Spring Special Offers!!!

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    Spring Savers!!!!

    Buy 5 Premier Cornets for 2975.00

    Plus receive 1 FREE Flugel Horn!!!!

    Saving of 595.00 UK Pounds!!!!


    Buy 7 Premier Cornets for 4165.00

    Plus receive 3 FREE Premier


    Saving 1785.00 UK Pounds !!!!!


    Buy 3 Tenor Horns for 1914.00

    Plus receive 1 FREE Flugel horn !!!!

    Saving 595.00 UK Pounds!!!!!


    Buy 2 Superb Euphoniums

    & 1 Premier Baritone for 3693.00

    Plus receive 1 FREE Premier


    Saving of 995.00 UK Pounds!!!!!

    Last but not least:

    Buy 10 Premier Cornets

    1 Flugel Horn

    3 Tenor Horns

    2 Premier Baritones

    2 Superb Euphoniums

    2 Bb/F Tenor Trombones

    2 EEb Basses

    All for Only 15,000.00 UK Pounds

    Saving an amazing 4707.00 UK


    All above include FREE delivery

    UK mainland Only!!

    International enquiries welcome!!!

    Order yours now!!!

    Email uksales@heliosuk.co.uk

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    Sorry everyone garbled message.
    Will re post

    Edit: sorted for you, PB
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