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    We are seeking individuals across the UK to join the Helios UK team.

    We now offer the following fantastic opportunity.
    1. A dedicated Helios web site designed for you.
    2. Web site the same design as the Helios UK site.
    3. A .co.uk Helios domain name for your Town/City
    4. Hosted for 2 years
    5. Built in web store
    6. Dedicated email addesses to your email via your web site
    7. All updates done for you
    8. No other contact details on your web site
    9. A complete virtual shop for you to promote
    10. Full after sales support
    11. A great part/full time income
    What we require from you is:
    1. A comittment to the Helios UK brand
    2. A small stock order for demonstration purposes
    3. Low investment
    4. Brass musical instrument experience is vital
    If the above is of interest to you email sales@heliosuk.co.uk
    2008 has been a very exciting year for Helios UK and we are looking to expand rapidly.
    Join us now!!