Helios UK Brass instruments a success!

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    HeliosUK brass instruments introduced in 2007 to the UK are creating a stir.

    The Outstanding HeliosUK Euphonium model Superb, fully compensating is getting great reviews acoss the country. A high quality Euphonium at a very good price!!

    The Excellent Premier Bb Cornet complete with triggers on 1st & 3rd valves is also selling very well indeed.

    Great success stories for just 2 of the range of instruments available.

    Also with our representative in Sweden sales are booming!

    visit www.heliosuk.co.uk see the range of Brass instruments we are offering.

    We also have a Summer Sale on now!! even more value for money.

    Contact your nearest HeliosUK representative and ask for a free demonstration for your Band in your bandroom.

    See what others have seen & played & purchased.

    Also many thanks to our existing customers for the great comments on the quality of our instruments & our service.

    Chris Johnston