HELIOS Brass Instuments arrive in UK!!!

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    Helios Brass Instruments arrive in the UK!!! at last.

    Quality instruments built to exacting German standards.

    Instruments available are Cornet, Flugel, Trombone,Euphonium.

    Visit www.freewebs.com/heliosuk

    See what we offer!!!!
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  3. chrisjohnston

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    Coloured Cornets available for fun!!!!

    Heliosuk have Pink, Black & Purple coloured Bb Cornets available!!

    Well built instruments for Those Fun occasions.

    Visit www.heliosuk.co.uk

    Also serious instruments of quality available, such as the fantastic Fully Compensating Euphonium!!!

    Check out our web site for more information.
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    So you don't class these cornets as serious??? Not much fun for anyone listening then!! :confused:
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    When I stated fun, I didnt mean they didnt sound good, they just look somewhat different.

    Thanks for your comment.

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    Now look at what is on offer!!

    Helios Uk have some very special offers on the New Helios range of Brass instruments!

    Top of the range Bb Cornet, with 1st & 3rd Valve slide triggers Only £395.00 (Outstanding Instrument)

    High Grade Bb Flugel Horn, with 3rd valve slide Trigger Only £395 ( This has the WOW! Factor)

    Full Compensating Professional 4 valve Euphonium Only £995 ( You won't find better at this price)

    All supplied with Mouthpieces & cases, FREE Delivery to the UK mainland!!!

    Visit www.heliosuk.co.uk And place your order now!

    We do not sell through shops, we sell direct to the public with outstanding value for money!!
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    And we never ever submit a daily post to bump the thread with our advert in it;)
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    New Exciting range of instruments!

    A New exciting name producing competitive priced instruments for brass bands.

    Excellent New Cornet with triggers!

    Brilliant Euphonium!

    & Much More!!

    We offer a 30 day money back gaurantee if not completely satisfied.

    Compare these to the rest!

    Value and quality

    visit www.heliosuk.co.uk
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    Helios Band Instruments

    Sir,I´m quite pleased to see those Helios instruments advertised at your country,as every user of a certain online auction website knows them from interest.

    How do the Helios Instruments compare to the Virtuosi Instruments,the at germany marketed MTP instruments and the Instrumenmts offered by the John Packer company?

    I´ve been to Frankfurt music fair this year,nice trip,and realized that a certain far away located big country in the east seems to be overtaking the whole market of student,beginner and some intermediate instruments.
    Any coments here?

    It´s nothing against quality or craftmanship what I´m writing here,I´m just curious that without looking at brands names written or embossed on instruments,all the products of that certain far away country were looking very similar,playing very similar and were at a price which was very similar.
    up to here that´s understandable,isn´t it?

    The only differences I could work out meanwhile is that due to national different sales taxes the retail prices inside europe vary a little bit.

    waiting for any coment,

  11. chrisjohnston

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    I welcome your comments.

    Helios is a great name in Europe, but as yet not recognised in the UK.

    Hopefully now HeliosUK is established people will now find there are good quality instruments available at better prices than leading brand names.

    The Euphonium is a prime example, fully compensating excellent tone & build quality, and half the price of the leading brand equal. Having played Euphonium for 40 years at all levels of banding I think I know a good one from a poor one by now.

    I also agree the far east country mentioned produce good instruments and are now emerging into the brass market place as they have in the electronics market, some good some excellent.(some poor)

    Helios UK also import from the Far east but we only import the top quality instruments.

    As to comparing our products to Virtuosi etc this would not be my place to comment, however I am sure people who now purchase from us will provide the feedback totally unbiased.

    We will of course post any comments recieved from our customers to our web site.

    hopefully I have answered your questions.


  12. Belltrouble

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    Helios Band Instruments

    So,in which way are you connected to the german "Musik Schmidt" company?

    Also I understand that you are not like to judge the competing brands and products surrounding you.

    But I like to mention that we Frankfurt visiting people worked clearly out that particularly the euphoniums made at that particular far east country and displayed on that fair where except brand names all similar,disregarding compensated 3+1 models,4 in a row models or the more bargain student 3 valve models .
    Valve block was similar,valve stems,valve buttons,leadpipes and whatever you looked at.

    Now as several people know about those issues,for which brand to go?

    To me especially they are all the same instruments,the
    baritones are all the same,as the cornets and flugels are.

    Latest news about far east instrument copies as I worked out is a gorgeous looking Besson 981 EEb tuba copy,even the rare Fletcher style leadpipe was copied,as it was available on the very first 981 Sovereigns.

    How can this happen?

    For to close for today,as said,I´m not against far east instruments,I even own a far east component including motorcycle, how to judge about reliability,spares situation in let´s say 10 years,warranty issues and so on?

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    Would that be the web-site which has been promoted, free-of-charge, on tMP, and yet doesn't even offer the courtesy of a link back? :rolleyes: ;)
  14. I am so excited.
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    Sorry a link is now on our web site

  16. chrisjohnston

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    Re the German Connection we have been appointed UK distributor by the said company to provide a UK presence for them.

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    Helios UK appoint New representatives

    Helios UK have just appointed 2 New representatives for the exciting range of helios brass instruments.

    dlm Music Danny Riley as the North Of England representative
    who can be contacted at dlmmusic@heliosuk.co.uk
    Gary Morris for Beds Herts & Bucks mksales@heliosuk.co.uk


    For further information.
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    Helios UK Customer comment

    Helios UK are making an impression with the latest addition, Tenor Horn.

    This is one of our customer comments:
    Just to say that I am well pleased with the Helios Tenor Horn,I have played several makes of horns and so far I have found this the best.
    I find it easy to blow and produces a good sound in all registers and well in tune.I find it a good investment for a very low cost.
    You can certainly use my name in any advertisment,I play Solo Horn with
    Enfield Band and 1st Horn with Potters Bar Band,also play 1st Horn with EPB
    Brass,a 3rd section contesting band.
    I used to play with the world famous Wingates Band for seven years,was with them when they won the Champion Band of Great Britain at the Royal Albert Hall in 1971.
    Since moving south,I have played with St Albans,Hemel Hempstead,Luton and Hendon Bands.I do enjoy my banding and I am pleased that I have now got an excellent horn to play on.
    Yours sincerely,
    Arthur Waddington

    Check out our latest additions to the range www.heliosuk.co.uk
  19. Eb Tuba

    Has anyone trialed the Helios tuba yet? If so, who and what were their comments?
  20. chrisjohnston

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    Re The helios Tuba

    As yet the New Tuba has not arrived in the UK, but I can assure you the quality is the same as the other instruments in the range, which the Premier Cornet is an excellent alternative, as with the Flugel & tenor Horn and the model Superb Euphonium. All very good quality & very competitive and comments from our customers speak for themselves.
    Customer comments can be found on our web site