Hebden Bridge Brass Band March Contest 2010

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  1. Hebden Bridge Brass Band are holding there Anual March contest this year on the 20th june,

    Please dont hesitate in contacting me for more infomation or an entry form.

    So far 8 bands are enterd and only 12 spaces left, lots of prize money to be won.
    The contest is pre drawn and there will be deps available on the day.

    Contact Richard Cowens on 07814739791 or pm


    (message to the people who i offend with my spelling, SORRY but i dont have time to look up every word to see if it is spelt correctly, and im abit thick!:rolleyes:)
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    no mistakes rick!EXCEPT ENTERED
  3. Thanxs dom, lol good job i dont get offended by other peoples remarks or i wouldnt be posting anymore.

    A couple more entry forms have been sent out so if you require one please phone/pm or email me
    the link below will take you to the event page on facebook
    Its a great day out surrounded by pubs which will be open!!!
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    And you're not a bit thick Rick, you wouldn't be able to do the job you do if you were! As for your spelling, shame we can't all be perfect isn't it and I think there's far more important things in the world to concern us to be honest!
  5. Thanxs Fran Dobxdave doesn't think so.
  6. More details For the contest:

    Adjudicator: Mark Twedle

    1st £350
    2nd £150
    best 2nd section £100
    best 3rd section £100
    best 4th section £100
    best youth section £100
    Best youth soloist = Trophy
    Best Hymn Tune £50
    Best Diportment £25

    the contest consists of:
    1) street march up to the square
    2) own choice hymn tune, can be any arraingment perc can be used
    3) contest march
    4) :guinessin the sunshine
  7. still acouple of places left for our contest, please pm me or phone me on 07814739791 for a entry form.

    Rick Cowens
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    why not form a scrach band from the players in west yorkshire, if your short of numbers, all winings to go to charity, its only an idea
  9. There's now a 3rd overall prize and a best march down the street been added!!!!
    1st £350
    2nd £150
    3rd £100

    best 2nd section £100
    best 3rd section £100
    best 4th section £100
    best youth section £100
    Best youth soloist = Trophy
    Best Hymn Tune £50
    Best Diportment £25
    Best Street march £TBC
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    Where is it Held? in the Park? near the canal?
  11. it is held in the towns square. 10% discount to bandsmen at the chippy aswell! shame pubs arn't doing that.
  12. if your band as not yet got your entry form in and still wish to enter please get intuch asap as the draw is being held TODAY!!!!!!
    Last chance
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    Fancy a great weekend in lovely surroundings?
    Come to the Hebden Bridge March and Hymn Contest next Sunday afternoon.
    Proceeds are due to commence at approx 1pm with a tremendous line up of bands.

    Marsden Silver. Championship Section.
    Yorkshire Imps. 1st Section.
    Silk Brass. 1st Section.
    Delph. 2nd Section.
    Dobcross Silver. 2nd Section.
    Middleton. 2nd Section.
    Elland Silver. 3rd Section.
    Uppermill. 3rd Section.
    Boarshurst Silver. 4th Section.
    Huddersfield. 4th Section.
    Littleboro. 4th Section.
    Parr St Helens. 4th Section.
    Elland Youth Youth Section.
    Hebden Bridge Juniors. Youth Section.

    This list is in section order and in no way represents the draw.

    This is a very well organised Contest in extremley pleasent surroundings, one not to miss.
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    Lets hope the weather forecast is accurate, says its going to be a scorcher so should be a great day. I can confirm that the first band is scheduled to march off at 1.30pm. Thanks to all bands who have entered hope you are successful and enjoy the day
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    It's forecast a scorcher today. This really is a great contest. Beautiful surroundings, well organised and beer nearby (for those that think beer is important of course ;)).
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    Any results from hebden bridge as of yet?
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    marsden won hymn and march Ist Prize
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    From memory (so apologies if any of this is wrong...) Marsden won overall (I think they won best humn tune and best road march too, though that might be wrong), Elland Silver won deportment, one of the Elland Silver players won individual deportment, Elland Juniors won the Youth Band trophy and Boarshurst won best 4th section band.
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    thanks guys. Will look forward to full results when they are announced.
  20. 1st Overall; Best Hymn and Best Road March: Marsden
    2nd Overall and Best Soloist: Middleton (whoop, go mighty Midd, go Hannah!:clap::tup)

    Best 4th Section: Boarshurst (Congrats to Dave, Keith and the gang :clap:)

    Not sure on the rest but Elland Silver and their youth band won a bunch of prizes.