Hebden bridge band given rare lp

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by tuba1974, Jun 22, 2009.

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    While out and about in hebden Bridge yesterday, The chairman of the band was given a rare copy of the hebden bridge band playing les preludes on side 1, and the skelmersdale band on side 2 playing lorenzo, its on the, MIDLAND SOUND RECORDINGDS Lable, 40 Bishop street coventry,recording date 1966, It now has pride of place in my vast colection of brass/military recordings,
    does any body out there know anything about these or did you play on them, or even know who was the conductor on them, thay are both live recordings, and I think they are from contest with the claping at the end. it would be nice to know at what contest. Ive been in the band for 34 years and never ever herd of talk of this recording, what a great find, many thanks to the gentleman who gave us LP, yet another link to banding in the 60,s:biggrin:
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    Speaking of yesterday Ian, Cheers for your skin bashing help. Unfortunately I didn't catch you afterwards and lost you. Cheers mate. Horbury greatly appreciated your help. For another Thread but thanks also for a great day. Please see Hebden bridge March Contest Thread for other comments.
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    many thanks jason, you know me If I can help I will:tup
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    Hi i play for skelmersdale i will ask a couple of players who i am sure would have played on this will let you know RICHIE
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    Many thanks richie
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    Hi just got in from band. Spoke to Dave Lyon he said the conductor was William Lyon andthe contest was at the north pier Blackpool Skem won the second section .Hope that helps RICHIE
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    thanks richie, thats great thanks for your effort in finding out for me ,
    Does any one know about hebden bridge on the day, where did thay come, and the conductor, I think it was ramond page!

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