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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by billbrass, Jun 30, 2004.

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    Sorry to have been away for so long have had lots of probs with computer, I would like to ask if anyone has experience of bandsmen/women who have heart failure which I have . What I would like to know is doe's anyone know of players with heart failure and if they have continued playing, I have asked various consultants and they all have different views, ie no I must stop playing and some say carry on playing if I feel comfortable whilst blowing, would be glad of any help on this issue.

  2. Tuba Miriam

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    A player in our band had a massive heart-attack several years ago, following which he underwent coronary by-pass surgery.

    This happened before he joined us, and from discussions with him he clearly took it easy for a while but has gradually increased his playing commitments to the point where, I believe, he is able to do as much as he wants. However, don't take my word for it ...

    I'm sure he would be willing to pass on the benefit of his experience; if you PM me, I'd be happy to put you in touch.
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    I can't be of any help in the matter you seek advice for but I will say that I hope you enjoy a speedy and full recovery to the point where you can resume playing comfortably again. Good luck, Bill!

    Kind regards
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    Have asked Alan, our Band Manager and 2nd Trombone player, who is a registered member here on tMP, to either contact you via pm or post publically here on the thread. I honestly can't think of anyone better to give you advice on this subject.

    Alan received a heart transplant 14 years ago - and naturally had to give up playing while he was recovering. But these days he is one of the most active members of our band and to be able to continue playing to the standard that he does, having been through what he has, is a huge credit to himself and the medics who treated him, and the way he has come through this should be a huge inspiration to us all.

    Good luck Bill,

  5. Highams

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    My brother-in-law had major heart surgery last year, and he's in his 70's, yet he still works as a plasterer!

    I hope you enjoy the best possible health, good luck.
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    Hi Bill

    Just a brief history firstly to explain my situation. I received a Heart Transplant 14 years ago this August due to a illness called Cardiomyopathy, which would lead to Heart Failure in it's later stages. In my case I carried on playing right up until I had my op, I was actually practising when we had the call to say a heart was available!
    Following the op I asked my consultant what I should do in regard to playing a brass instrument, and he informed me that this was one of the best exercises I could get to get me on the road to recovery. I was told that this type of exercise would help pumb oxygenated blood around the body, without putting too much strain on the heart itself.
    Ovbiously I took care, and if I felt tired whilst playing I would just stop, have a braek and start again when I felt better.
    Therefore my advice would be to carry on and do what you can if you enjoy it, but take care not to overdue it, a little bit of what you fancy does you good you know.
    Feel free to conatct me if you need any further advice.

    Good Luck
    Alan :)
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    Not as serious as a heart condition and I don't mean to be flippant but I must confess to having put on a bit of weight over the last year and I must admit that I have been finding the marches very difficult this year. I play bass so carrying that weight along with my own excess means that I am frequently out of breath and find I have to stop playing during the march more often than I normally would. I am genuinely concerned about this and I recognise that I will have to lose the weight.
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    thanks to all who answered my query regarding playing with heart problems, I think the general consensus is if I feel ok go ahead and give it a go, this I intend to do, will keep you all informed of how I get on.

    good blowing