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Discussion in 'Recruitment Corner' started by toptutti, Oct 13, 2009.

  1. toptutti

    toptutti Member

    North Wales and sometimes Essex
    Looks like I'm heading to Greys soon
    Any bands down there need a cornet/flugel player?
  2. PeterBale

    PeterBale Moderator Staff Member

    Hadleigh, Essex
    Do you mean Grays in Essex?
  3. david clark

    david clark New Member

    Southend, Essex, UK
    Southend Wind Orchestra could use you on cornet - for details visit www.southendwindorchestra.org
    We rehearse on Wednesdays in Leigh/Southend which is about 20 miles along the A13 from Grays.
    We'd be glad to see you.

    David Clark
  4. davidwalton

    davidwalton Member

  5. There's quite a busy Brass Band scene in the Thurrock area, with bands from top section to non contesting all within 3 miles of Grays, depending on what standard you're looking for.

    Try looking at:

    Aveley + Newham Band (Championship section)
    Tilbury band (2nd section)
    Grays town band
    Thurrock spectrum brass (teaching \ non contesting)

    Tilbury are a friendly band about a mile from Grays with their own bandhall\bar and a busy social and playing schedule and you'd certainly be welcome to come down for a blow.
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  6. dlkeir

    dlkeir New Member

    Hi there, northfleet brass is also just 5mins from grays, just south of the river, contesting at butlins and the areas in 2nd section from jan... always a warm and friendly welcome, for more info email the secretary at northfleetbrassband@hotmail.co.uk
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