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  1. Fieldy!

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    Hi all

    Are there any other HBOS Group employees on here who play in Brass Bands. We had a chat at work today (3 of us in Bristol) which made us realise we all play in local bands.

    There must be plenty of people working for HBOS / Halifax / Clerical Medical / Bank Of Scotland etc that are secretly blowers in their spare time!

    We then decided, somewhat bravely, that we'd see if there was any scope in getting other players together from across the country.

    This might lead to something like an occasional workshop day followed by an evening charity concert? Perhaps sponsored by our employer?

    Get in touch and we'll see what take up we have.....

  2. Syrup

    Syrup Member

    Barclays have a brass band made up of employees, and as far as I know they get about 4 days off per year (on full pay) to play on concerts for the company. I think they do one every year in the Royal Albert Hall.

    If you want advice on setting up such a band at HBoS I would suggest contacting Richard Batten (trom), he must be on tMP.

  3. impycornet

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    I'm with HBoS- Leeds
  4. Syrup

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    Thats the sop part covered then..... ;-)
  5. markyboy

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    At one stage Pennine Brass had about 4 or 5 HBOS employees playing for them, and used to get a group together with other people from various local bands that worked for the company at Christmas to do a few carols etc .

    If you did form a HBOS Band you wouldn't go too wrong with ' Impy Cornet ' as top man !
  6. Fieldy!

    Fieldy! New Member


    Consider yourself duly appointed as Principal Cornet! I remember the article about you on the Intranet when you won Best Player or something similar at one of the contests.

    So far we have :-

    You - Principal
    Me - Sop
    Jo Bennett - Tenor Horn
    Kevin Trenchard - Eb Bass

    Keep the names flooding in!
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  8. bestsection

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    Thats my alias gone then! No chance of being controversial, derogatory or just downright rude - but those that know me know thats highly unlikely, especially to conductors
  9. SuperCat

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    Oops sorry Planty! Now I'm in trouble with both of you - although you have to forgive me as you've got my trumpet!
  10. Aidan

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    Brian Heyes gets paid a lot for not a lot at RBS
  11. trombo

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    HBOS Band

    I am with The Supplier Management Team (General Insurance ) at Copley and currently play Bass Trombone with the Yorkshire Wind Orchestra.
    Very interested in this idea.

    How can we progress this?

    Cheers and best wishes to all who work at HBOS.

    Bass Trombone Yorkshire Wind Orchestra/brassmattaz/LDO
  12. Fieldy!

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  13. cornetcheese

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    I work for HBOS - manager of a branch in London!

    I do play cornet, although not regularly with a band, but was most recently principal cornet with Becontree Brass - now too busy conducting bands in London!

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