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    A Hawley Band reunion is to be held on 3rd October 2009. We are trying to contact any members who were in the Band between 1979 (this was when the Band changed its name from Hammonds Sauce Band "B") and 1982.

    This is the Band that did a tour of Germany and Austria in 1980 and then produced
    a record entitled "Spicy Brass" in 1981.

    Please contact either myself Colleen Smail on 07951481718 or Terry Monaghan on 07951610865.

    We are hoping to make this a night to remember so if anyone out there knows anyone who was a member of the band during these years and may not see this message please pass these details on.


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    We are still trying to contact members of the Hawley Band during the years from 1979 to 1982. for a reunion later on this year.

    3 Names who may still be out there playing are:
    Neil Holmes - Euphonium
    Neil Rayner - Trombone
    Judith Sunderland - Cornet

    If anyone knows of their whereabouts could they please pass
    on my phone number 01274 593004

    Many thanks

    Colleen Smail

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