Hatherleigh Silver reunited with 'Joey' the War Horse.

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    Hatherleigh Silver reunited with 'Joey' the War Horse
    Hatherleigh Silver plays again for the horse that inspired the famous book, play and film.

    The famous ‘War Horse’ story recently took a huge stride back from its successful stage play and a film version to the village from which Michael Morpurgo’s story was based.

    The scene which the author describes as; "And so I came home from the War that Christmas-time...and there to greet us was the Silver Band from Hatherleigh", was replayed when the amazing horse puppet from the National Theatre visited the small village of Iddesleigh in North Devon.

    This is where the book is partly set during the First World War and also where its author lives, and Hatherleigh Silver has strong links to Iddesleigh and the author himself.
    "The band played at the opening of the War Horse museum on the edge of the village and Michael Morpurgo was a former president of the band.
    The band played recently played for his granddaughter's wedding in Iddesleigh and it was he who invited the band back for this event."

    The sunny day attracted a huge turn-out from Iddesleigh and surrounding areas with camera crews filming the event for the BBC's Countryfile programme. They focused on the band as they were led by ‘Joey’ (the War Horse) from the pub to the War Memorial, accompanied by the famous author.

    Music played included an arrangement of 'Scarlet and Blue', a piece composed for the National Theatre production, as well as various marches from the usual repertoire.

    The event concluded on a reflective note, with a moving rendition of the ‘Last Post’ and ‘Reveille’ sounded out at the War Memorial by the band’s principal cornet player, Mike Boother.

    ‘Hatherleigh Silver Band’ and ‘Joey’ can be seen on Countryfile on Sunday 22nd September.
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