harry stanway late of fodens, faireys

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    hi there. does anyone have any memories, stories, photos, press cuttings etc of harry stanway [cornet] late of fodens, faireys, men of brass, all star brass. harry came from congleton he joined fodens at the age of 14 on solo cornet, tnen very quickly became assistant prinipal to harry mort in 1933. in the late forties early fifties he joined faries and was assistant to edgar clayton. speaking to the late soprano star charlie cook he told me he was a wonderful cornet player and bandsman. if any one has any of the above, i would be very grateful, so i can pass it on to harrys grandaughter. many thanks ian buckley.
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    Now then - I'll get hubby to do some quizzing at band tomorrow night and get back to you either way! Jimmy, the librarian at Fodens, is a font of all knowledge (at least so he tells me) and may have some snippets for you to pass on. I know they've been gathering a lot of info recently so there may be something there.
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    Hello again - emailed jimmy charles (ex fodens baritone and now librarian). Said he knew Harry well and that he did a cartoon of him with Fodens bandsmen for a Mr Halliwell (?) and his niece. He suggests getting in touch with the neice if that's any help. Fodens also have a book that may still be available to purchase through the wensite or one of the bandsmen (I'll ask hubby again!) - maybe there's some info in there.
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    hi jockinafrock. many thanks for your email. would you or jimmy charles please get me the items you stated in your email, please keep me up to date. many thanks. ian buckley
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    My pal Ritas dad was the Charlie Cook you speak about. Her mum (Charlies wife) is still alive. I am sure Rita might be able to find things out if you still need info etc.

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