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  1. Stracathro

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    I think this is an absolutely wonderful story. Well done to the young man, and to the band for having faith in him!


    I can't imagine that there will have ever been a younger principal cornet player of a band as high as the First Section?
  2. Nice Horn!

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    A couple of names come to mind the first being James Watson who was appointed principal with Desford at the age of 11 (not sure what section they were in then) and Russell Gray who was appointed principal with Clydebank Burgh at the age of 12 (again not sure what section), but if Harry can emulate either of these two gentlemen he will do very well. Well done to him.
  3. mikey.smithy

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    And of course, whilst a little older, James Fountain was PC at GUS at 14, no mean feat.
  4. MoominDave

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    Excellent stuff. Humbling to hear of one doing it so well at such a young age.

    James Watson was born in 1952, so that would have been either 1963 or 1964. According to BBR, Desford don't appear to have entered the area in 1963, but played in the old 3rd section in 1964 (they were in the 2nd section in 1960).

    I don't know exactly how old Russell Gray is, but Clydebank were graded in the Championship section continuously until 1988, with the exception of the single year of 1983, when they won the old 2nd section in Scotland, so it seems pretty safe to conclude that he was PC of a top section band at 12.

    Other names that come to mind -
    Another Scottish one - tmp's very own 'brassneck', Tom Donaldson, was PC of a Championship section band at 13 in the mid 70s (Newmains?).
    And continuing the Scottish theme - wasn't Phillip McCann PC of somewhere good at a very young age? I know he held that seat at the NYBB from the age of 14.
    From a later era, James Knight from Cornwall led the NYBB at the age of 14 too.
  5. tsawyer

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    Tom Hutchinson joined Rothwell when he was about 14.
  6. mjwarman

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    Wasn't Richard Marshall PC at Rothwell quite young too?
  7. tsawyer

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    Yes, different Rothwell band though.

    The current Rothwell Temperance Band was the B Band of Wallace Arnold (Rothwell), which merged with Yorkshire Imps at some point. Richard played at Wallace Arnold (Rothwell) in about 1990.
  8. JR

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    Richard Marshall joined the "old" Rothwell (Wallace Arnold) in time for the Grand Shield in 1991 and helped us get 2nd on Carnival Romain - he was 15 at the time

    I remember taking one of Tom Hutchinson's first rehearsals at Rothwell Temps on Phil Wilby's Atlantic for Cambridge contest- pretty sure he was 14

    Philip Mccann came down on top man to the then Yorkshire Imperial Metals band from Scotland in the mid 60s (65?) - I think he was 15 at the time. Philip's brother Tom, also a cornet player played for Rothwell as he lived in the village.

    Dont forget David Horsfield - still very probably Brighouse's youngest ever top man?

  9. t-horn77

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    I have the pleasure of playing in Leicester COOP with Harry - apart from being a budding talented cornet player he is a genuine young lad who really enjoys his playing and has the support of his Dad on assistant PC and his Mum on Sop and of course from the rest of the band also.
    Well done Harry and most of all keep enjoying the music!

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