Harold Bishop seeks 300 Brass musicians!!

Discussion in 'Bandroom News - User Submitted' started by Superbrass, Jan 25, 2008.

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    Saw the clip.

    You can always rely on Cornets for the highest standards in tuning and intonation.

    Think I now need to listen to an hour's worth of massed bagpipes to reset my internal tuning mechanism! ;-)
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    Bass Troms are sounding loud and proud :) Nice one fellas!
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    Thinking of putting the new Virtuosi EEb Tuba that we provided Harold with yesterday on ebay, neighbours Tee shirt included !! Clearly after yesterday this instrument has so far never had a note blown on it and is as new, or did he really play a few notes on it ?
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    There is a video of him here http://www.brightcove.tv/title.jsp?title=1409058856&channel=687883034 blowing a few sounds out of it (can't really be called notes) followed by the phrase "I can't play". Haha. But really a briliant day!

    Was anyone there from further away than Edinburgh? We think we might hold the record for travelling time - over 9 hours on a train! But totally worth it!
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    There's also a post on the Cake Group's website about it (they're the PR company that organised the whole thing) http://www.cakefocus.com/weblog/, referring to us as an Orchestra and talking about "the harmonious sounds of the trumpets, tubas, trombone, and french horns". Yeh ok, there were a few trumpets and french horns... but of all the instruments to mention - there was an absolute sea of tenor horns!

    Neighbours is on BBC1 now, for the LAST EVER TIME... sob
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  7. A great day out- thoroghly enjoyed it all. It gave me the bright idea that it might be good fun to do a flash mob where a few hundred bandsmen turn up and play something random and then just disapear!!!
    Anyways, I've created a group on facebook for anybody who wants to add themselves.

    I Played in Harol Bishop's Band, 07/02/2008

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    Ah, I wondered when a Facebook group would appear!

    Warwick Uni & Birmingham Conservertoire (however you spell it!) shared a coach down, with a driver who didn't know the arrrival time! When he heard (about half way down the M1), he swore rather loudly!

    We arrived for the last 10 mins, just in time to hear the end of one run, and play in the last. 8 hours on a coach for 5 mins of playing!

    Seemed like a good idea at the time...
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    Oi! I resemble that remark! It was the trumpets I tell you....and perhaps the French Horns.

    Cornets are innocent, OK? :)

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    i think it should be raffled off to someone that played yesterday. my band bass looked shocking with all thoughs basses there, i'd bid on it on ebay, but you could keep the t shirt
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    Of course!

    How else would you get that sound!
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    I was standing next to Ian Smith for the recording, and he definitely produced sounds out of the bass, although he admits that he cannot play.
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    Me and Stan had a great time, ended up drinking afterwards with a bass player from London. I think it was obvious Ian Smith couldn't play when he had to be shown how to hold the instrument.
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    I have to admit one of the greatest moments of the day was when they called for the French horns over the megaphone, and a small 'boo' suddenly was taken over by most other people there! Brilliant! :oops: ;)

    But all in, it was a cracking day, well worth the travelling, very good fun! :tup
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    Couldn't have been the French Horns... I couldn't hear any complaints about it being too high, and they weren't cracking the notes ;-)

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    Heya Gordon H. That was a great video link there. Looks as though people had a good time as well. The public had free entertainment.