Harold Bishop seeks 300 Brass musicians!!

Discussion in 'Bandroom News - User Submitted' started by Superbrass, Jan 25, 2008.

  1. Superbrass

    Superbrass New Member

    OK, sorry jumping in on your forum....I am hoping all you fab people on Mouthpiece can give me some assistance!

    I am an Event Manager working for a company called Cake based in London and I have an interesting (if a little strange!) request. I would be thoroughly grateful if you would consider it and get back to me oon my contact details at the bottom of this post...

    We are putting on a one off event where we are bringing together a 300-strong brass band to play in a central London open air space (potentially Trafalgar square). The reason why we are doing this is to celebrate the soap opera Neighbours moving to channel 5….and you’ve guessed it – the band will reciting the Neighbours theme tune!

    I’m not sure if you are up to speed on your Neighbours trivia but there is a main character called Harold Bishop, who is a well known Tuba player – he will be coming over to the UK all the way from Australia to join in.

    The date is the Thursday 7th of February. We would arrange a nice day out, where we collect and return the band by coach, from the most convenient place, take you all down to London and give you plenty of refreshments and food. I would also consider offering payment / donations to local clubs if they can pull the right amount of people together

    While I understand this is a weekday and people have commitments, I am hoping the chance to take part in this event, which will be attended by the local and national press will be something fun to participate in and a chance to meet many other brass band player from around the country. There will also be plenty of photo’s and a free T shirt to remember the day!

    If you are interested, please get in touch – and if you leave me your number I can give you a ring when its convenient to you to explain more.

    Look forward to hearing from you


    Email: jim@cakegroup.com
    Office: 0207 307 3169
  2. Accidental

    Accidental Supporting Member

    West Sussex
    Just to clarify, are you looking for whole bands, or just any individuals who can take part? To be honest, I doubt you'd get a band out without a fee - especially on a weekday.

    Re. individuals, you could try contacting the london/south east music colleges and local bands via the associations. There's some good contacts and links on http://regional-contest.org.uk/london/index.php and www.scaba.co.uk

    Good luck!
  3. Tony Tuba

    Tony Tuba Member

    Sounds a lovely idea, especially if we get to meet the great Harold Bishop himself!! One question though, would travelling expenses be included? Train tickets from Yorkshire to London don't come cheap!

  4. trombone-john

    trombone-john Member

    I'll do it, provided expenses are covered.
    Anything to get on the telly!!!
  5. on_castors

    on_castors Member

    I am no soap fan, so ordinarily would not know anything about it, but by chance someone I know who is a fan mentioned to me the other day that Ian Smith (Harold Bishop) had left Neighbours, and was now working in this country..... so he isn't putting himself out much! Confirmed in this story:

    "Smith, who filmed his final scenes for 2007 in mid-November and has since been on a working holiday in the UK, says his desire to walk away from the show was prompted by age. "

  6. Owen S

    Owen S Member


    It being a weekday is going to be your biggest problem. On a weekend, finding the equivalent of twelve full bands who are willing to come into central London for a short gig is possible, but it would require a lot of work ringing around, plus paying the going rates either to bands or to individual players. To find that many players during the day on a Thursday, not during a school holiday, is likely to be impossible I'm afraid.

    Good luck getting something sorted though.
  7. Superbrass

    Superbrass New Member

    More information

    Hello all, happy Friday....well thanks for all your opinions and advise, its all been really helpful.

    I thought I would try and answer all your questions in one go!....

    Channel 5
    Neighbours Launch


    Press event to leverage coverage regarding the move of Neighbours from BBC1 to Channel 5.

    The idea

    Ian Smith (Harold Bishop) is to lead a rendition of the Neighbours theme tune in a Central London venue/outdoor space.

    300 brass musicians from around the country will congregate in a Central London location and play the Neighbours theme tune. These players will be made up from a variety of brass background – University bands, Brass Bands and Music Schools. They can be individuals or groups - however many you can muster up!

    Travel will be coach or mini bus organised by us. We can arrange specific coaches for each band or we would be looking to make multiple pickups if we have smaller groups to make cost effective – e.g. different bands in Southampton area etc. We've organised a lot of large scale events like this before so dont worry your in safe hands!

    0800-900 Coach departs collection point (depending on distance from London).
    1100 - Ian Smith to arrive at venue and to be shown around
    1130 - All brass players to arrive at venue
    1200 - Lunch / refreshments to be given to all players
    1245 - All players in position
    1300 - Photo call to begin
    1330 - Photo call ends
    1400 - Ian to leave venue
    1430 Coach leave London
    1630-1800 Coach arrives back at collection point (depending on distance from London)

    We do not anticipate the event over-running. Musicians will be needed for full duration of the day. All brass band players welcome

    Neighbours theme tune can be emailed as sheet music and then on the day there will be a few dress rehearsals! It will be brass band notation and we will of course have a conductor. We aren’t expecting it to sound absolutely perfect – just a bit of fun and a big challenge

    With regard to fees - i am up for discussion on this if people bring whole bands - please email me and we can discuss over the phone.

    p.s. - Harold is still a character in the show - but he will only appear from time to time!

    Right, hope that answers everything so far - keep me posted if your interested!

  8. Silver Horn

    Silver Horn New Member

    S Wales
    300 Musicians

    Hi Jim :)

    I've just sent you e-mail, let me know if you want the web details. Good luck in pulling the event together - hope to take part in what should be a unique experience :clap:
  9. flugel_fancy

    flugel_fancy Member

    South Yorkshire
    Hey Jim :tongue:

    Have left a message on your phone with my number to contact if you need cornet players!! Am in Sheffield though!

    Sounds good fun!

  10. Jack the Baritone King

    Jack the Baritone King Member

    Hi Jim,

    I'm definately interested because I'm a bum :D but I come from Wakefield near Leeds, we are going to put it to the band on monday night but I reckon that with work and other commitments there will probably only be about 5 interested, we'll see though and I will get back to you
  11. apl666

    apl666 New Member


    I have emailed you. Approximately 12 players from Betteshanger Band should be available subject to travel arrangements.

  12. TuTuKu

    TuTuKu Active Member

    I emailed you last night, Jim - so far we have 5 interested players, and probably more will come forward if transport details can be confirmed.


    Catherine Sweetman
  13. Superbrass

    Superbrass New Member

    Update from Harold...

    Just wanted to say a big thank you to all on the forum who have got in touch with me - i have been inundated with emails and calls from individuals and groups who are all up for taking part in what should be a really fun day.

    We have got Trafalgar Square confirmed now as well which is great news as its an amazing location and will be perfect for photos.

    So far i reckon we have got about 100 people - thats a 3rd in 3 days so we're positive we can reach the goal!

    If you would like to come down or find out more, whether its just yourself or a group - we can arrange travel for you - so please get in touch with me on jim@cakegroup.com or 0207 307 3169

    Many thanks

  14. lauren

    lauren Member

    Sandhurst, Berkshire
    I have been contacted today by an events company regarding this event. Thye got my details through L&SC Website, but the information I was given regarding the event is different to all the info above. I was told that it would be early morning and would only last a couple of hours.
    I was logging onto themouthpiece to put details of the event when I came across this post. I have already sent an email out to many L&LC Bands this afternoon since the phonecall seeking interest. Can someone enlighten me as to who exactly is organising this event and what is happening.
  15. tubafran

    tubafran Active Member

    I also recieved an email today but it is from the same company, Cake, although it was sent out by Lee Marriot (Project Manager) and the other contact details check.
  16. Superbrass

    Superbrass New Member

    Answers to your questions

    Hi Everyone,

    I really apologise if there has been any confusion, there are 3 of us assigned to this project - Jim, Lee and Kim - we have been working alongside each other doing the research for contacts - I'm sorry if 2 of us have contacted the same people - this shouldn't have happened.

    The sunning time will be 11-2pm at the latest in Trafalgar square.

  17. lauren

    lauren Member

    Sandhurst, Berkshire
    I have been contacted by telephone this morning from another company but regarding the same event. Hence my confusion reading your original post.

  18. bigcol

    bigcol Member

    Newcastle Upon Tyne
    There's nothing more aggressive nor persistent than when a PR agency want something.
  19. Bungle

    Bungle Member

    East Sussex
    So that means if you don't take part in the areas (like Cranbrook) you don't appear on the L&SC website and won't have received an email. Might be worth them also looking at the SCABA website for other bands.
  20. lauren

    lauren Member

    Sandhurst, Berkshire
    I didn't do it through L&SC website. I don't know where these emails are coming from, I sent a few collective emails to try and see what interest was out there in my area of the L&SC region (South Essex) to contacts I already have. For some reason my home number appears on the L&SC website somewhere as the person to contact if you are after help trying to organise an event with a brass band. This isn't the first phonecall i've had from companies like this trying to organise a big event and need brass musicians!!
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