Harmen Vanhoorne at Foden's

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    Delighted to be able to announce the 2nd adjudicator for the forthcoming Foden's 2nd Solo, Duet and Quartet competition in November as being the very talented Harmen Vanhoorne. It is a great opportunity to have an adjudicator to come over from Belgium, and Harmen was delighted to have been invited to adjudicate, having heard so much about the success of last year's inaugural competition. Harmen, and also Les Neish, are both Besson artists, and it is Besson's sponsorship that has enabled us to again have 2 adjudicators of the highest standard.

    We are also able to offer the services of 4 accompanists, ensuring that those who choose to have an accompanist will have fingers that are as fresh as a daisy tickling the ivories!

    The interest in our competition is huge, and we look forward to welcoming players from all over the UK, as well as from Europe this year! If you're interested in entering please email me at: fiona-rolfe@hotmail.co.uk

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