Harlequin Brass goes from strength to strength

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    Harlequin Brass has launched it's new look website to mark the start of their second decade. In the last 10 years the group has established itself as the North of England's premier 10-piece brass ensemble. Based in Yorkshire, Harlequin Brass has gained respect throughout the country and further afield with it's commitment to musical excellence as well as variety and entertainment.

    The quality of the ensemble has been widely recognised with regular broadcasts on BBC Radio 2, 3 and 4, Classic FM and even on National Television including an appearance on BBC Television's 'Songs of Praise" and most recently in the 2005 Morrison's Christmas advertising campaign. The ensemble also have the honour of being the first British Brass Ensemble to perform in the Concertgebouw Concert Hall, Amsterdam.

    Harlequin Brass released their second CD 'Music for a Millennium' in 1999 and received the award of 'Record of the Year' from Classic FM Magazine.

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    Yup, got your music for a millenium cd, I think Brian sold it to me at band at the time! Speaking of Brian, that trumpet in the pic on the web page is almost as big as him! ;-) Good luck in your ventures!
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    The site's looking good Edward. Good work!
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    me and my old man heard these guys last night in Sheffield and they were amazing!! well done guys, especially my mate Rich Walker on top bone WOW!!:clap:

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