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    I've just returned from a great weekend away, which included yet another visit to the Hardraw Scar contest. The weather was exceptionally kind, which helped to make the day a good one, unlike last time I went 2 years ago. Big thanks to all those who organised played or were involved in any way, and a special mention for the performance of the day, which for my money came from the boys and girls from Chorley, well done, you were brill. Not sure of the average age of this band, but I would guess that the majority were still at school, and apparently doing their 1st contest. Well played you lot, you were a credit to your band and to your MD:clap:
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    Any results then?
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    Hardraw Results

    1st United Co-op Milnrow
    2nd Shepherd Building Group
    3rd Broughtons Brass
    Best March Milnrow
    Best Hymn Milnrow
    Best Solo Wetherby Silver Flugel

    Best 1st/2nd section Wetherby Silver
    Best 3rd/4th section Friendly [Sowerby Bridge]
    Best Ungraded Barnoldswick & Leyburn draw

    Best March Chorley Silver
    Best Hymn Leyburn
    Best Solo Barnoldswick cornet
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    Thanks very much, will pass it on. Not sure of average age, but they range from 9 to 18. They worked very hard. Thanks especially to Dave Chadwick who's taking them since I'm too ill.
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    Nice to see my original (all of 30 years ago) band, Barnoldswick, back contesting again. Did anyone hear them, and what did they play?
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    I did hear them, but sorry, cant remember the programme, except that a young lady on cornet won the prize for best ungraded or 4th section solo, I think playing Buster Strikes Back.
  7. C'mon the Leyburn
  8. BrotherBone

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    here! here! :clap:


    When did they change this contest from a test piece contst to entertainments? I remember playing there in around 1990/91 with Wakefield Met and the test piece was Beacons. Think we came third out of about 21 bands...
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    That would be Rae Nesbitt, top girl at Friendly.

    Well done Rae, Carol and Friendly Band, I hope much celebrating was done!
  11. Three years ago, there were so few entries, bands were asked to play the test peice in the morning, and return after lunch to play an entertainment programme, as there would be an expectant audience wanting to be entertained.

    The following year, the test piece was dropped, and a good entry was received. Last year the numbers were down a little, and a few bands gave a concert afterwards with a sing-along (including Wetherby!).

    This year there was a bumper entry of 12 bands, and several more were turned away, as it takes a while to get through all the bands.

    Unfortuantley, all this turmoil has left Theakston's reconsidering their sponsorship, as the existing agreement has come to an end. So now the contest is under threat from lack of sponsorship!

    The event is promoted to the local area as a brass band festival, rather than contest, to maximise the audience who may be turned off by the contest aspect.

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