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  1. P. Sanderson

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    Contrary to certain rumours which have been heard, the Hardraw Scar Contest will be taking place on Sunday 7th September.

    Even though the contest entry is down on last year, the contest is to go ahead with the following bands taking part.

    Cockerton Band
    Hawes Silver Prize Band
    Elland Youth Band
    Park School Band from Blackpool (not part of the contest but this performance is the highlight of their year)
    Marshside Brass ( hope I have got the selling right)
    Wetherby & District Silver
    Barnsley Metropolitan
    Pride Valley

    Due to the slight drop in entries, and with the agreement of all the bands entered, the contest will commence at 10.30 am with the usual format (March Hymn and own choice selection) followed by an entertainment contest, with each band playing in the same order of draw as for the main contest.

    The prize money for the entertainment section will consist of the prize money not used in the main contest ie Money which is not paid out for sections where no band has entered.
  2. Euph-Bari

    Euph-Bari Active Member

    ahhh i know what it is now - helping elland youth out but had never heard of it before - see you there anyone who's going - well probably not :)
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