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  1. P. Sanderson

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    The Yorkshire & Humberside Brass Band Association have pleasure in announcing that the Hardraw Scar Contest has been saved by a returning sponsor.

    Old Peculiar brewery Theaksons have returned to the fold to sponsor the contest initially for two years.

    Theakstons originally sponsored the contest for a period of 5 years on its revival in 1989. But had to pull out when they were taken over by one of the bigger breweries.

    The family have recently bought back the business, so they are renewing their association with the contest.

    This years contest will take on a new form in that it will not be March. Hymn, Selection as previously, but will now become a full Entertainment Contest.

    For the last two years as an experiment bands were asked to play an additional item after their contest pieces. This proved to be so popular with the audience and with band personell that we thought the next appropriate step would be to take the plunge and make it a full entertainment contest WITH INCREASED PRIZE MONEY

    The date of the contest Sun 12th September
    Unfortunately the same weekend as the lower section national finals, but our date was announced first.
  2. ploughboy

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    Great news Peter, Enjoyed last years contest, I'm gonna have a word at Emley and see if the gang want to come, been an entertainment suits my plans for he year better, It'll be interestin to see how it works. Any details on the increased prize money???
  3. daisygemma

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    Yes please Garry

    :D :D :!:
  4. jambo

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    Doesn't it get saved every year?

    Great news though! The contest is a great day out and, weather prevailing we'll all get home too without geting stuck in the mud.
  5. andyp

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    Yes, glad to see it's to continue, have had many happy days there. Hoping to maybe go this year!
  6. P. Sanderson

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    As soon as entry forms are ready, and prize money decided I will post details.

    All bands who entered last year will receive forms automatically
  7. RondoRotundo

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    Great to see such a unique contest has been saved. I've often thought about making the trip up but it's a long way, and then when I shall only be only just down the road at Harrogate, I still shalln't be able to go because we're due to play on the Sunday. Sods Law!!
  8. P. Sanderson

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    I'm in the same position peter. so someone else will have to post the results this time, especially as I am off to Croatia on the monday.