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    The 2013 Hardraw Scar Brass Band Festival will be held on Sun. 8th September, in the grounds of the Green Dragon Inn. Hardraw.

    The contest is run on behalf of the owner, D Mark Thompson by the Yorkshire & Humberside Brass Band Association. The rules and entry forms will be available to download from the YHBBA website after Sat. 2nd February.

    If any band requires these posting to them, they need to contact Colin Wormald BEFORE Tues. 29th January. 01937586734 Email colinbaritone@bethere.co.uk

    The contest is pre drawn and there is a limited number of places available.

    Peter Gilby

    Chairman YHBBA
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    Full results please?
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    Top Section:

    1. Hade Edge
    2. Harrogate
    3. Wetherby
    4. Cockerton
    5. Merton

    Best March, Best Hymn, Best Original Piece : Harrogate
    Entertainment : Hade Edge
    Best Solo: Wetherby

    Lower Section:
    1. Leyburn
    2. Stacksteads
    3. Shepherd Concert
    4. Barnoldswick

    Best March, Best Hymn, Best March by U/G band : Shepherd Concert.
    Best Solo: Leyburn
    Best Bass Section: Stacksteads
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    Brilliant to see my first band, Barnoldswick, back on the contest stage. My grandfather played for them at Crystal Palace in the Grand Shield way back in 1931. They must have been some band!
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    Good to see both Stacksteads and Barlick back on the contesting scene.

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