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    The 2012 Hardraw Scar contest will take place on Sun. 9th September 2012 within the grounds of the Green Dragon Inn, Hardraw. Entry forms for the contest will be available for download from the Yorks & Humberside BBA website from Sat 4th Feb. `yhbba.org.uk' There is a 14 band limit.

    Anyone who would like an entry form through the post should contact the contest sec. before the 4th Feb. Colin Wormald, tel 01937 586734 Address: 6 North Grove Avenue, Wetherby. LS22 7PZ
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    I have lots of http://brassbandresults.co.uk users looking for results for the 2012 Hardraw Scar contest - anyone know what they are?

    Class A:

    Class B:

    This contest is a bit of a mess on BBR - we could do with help to seperate out Class A/B for previous years.


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    We've been trying to get ahold of the contest organisers since Monday morning. We've left messages & emails etc, but so far no response.

    We've been told Hade Edge won, Otley Band 4th overall & Ratby Mid 2nd in their section. However none of this is from the contest officials & so we're unable to publish it as gospel! No idea of any other results.
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    I was helping at Hardraw on Sunday and I know Colin Wormald, Contest Controller, has taken a few days holiday after the contest (he deserves it - Colin is well into his 70's) I am sure he will send out an 'official' press release on his return home but in the meantime I made a note of the prize winners. Please do not take this as 'official', Colin will confirm as soon as he is able and the results will also be posted on the YHBBA website.

    SECTION A (Champ. 1st, 2nd, 3rd section bands plus previous winners of B section)
    1st Prize: Hade Edge
    2nd prize: Durham Miners
    3rd prize: Elland Youth
    4th prize: Otley
    5th prize: Wetherby Silver
    Best March: Durham Miners
    Best Hymn: Durham Miners
    Best Solo: Elland Youth

    SECTION B (4th section and unregistered bands)
    1st prize: Lancaster
    2nd prize: Ratby Co-op
    3rd prize: Sedburgh
    4th prize: Yarwell and Nassington
    Best March: Knaresborough
    Best March (un/reg band): Lancaster
    Best Hymn: Ratby Co-op
    Best Solo:Sedburgh
    Best Bass Section: Ratby Co-op

    Special Prizes:
    Band gaining highest number of points for a piece of original music written for brass band within last 40 years: Wetherby Silver
    Most entertaining programme: Elland Youth
    Conductor of band gaining highest number of points: Simon Wood, Hade Edge.

    Hope this is helpful

    Peggy T
    President, YHBBA
  5. Does anyone have a list of the music played?
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    Sorry, I forgot to include the adjudicators, as follows:

    Musical standard: Colin Hardy
    Entertainment: Ben Cauldwell and Miss Jo Brown

    Huge thanks to all the bands and their supporters. It was a grand day out last Sunday - weather perfect and an appreciate audience of well over 1,500.
    It had a great feel good factor and showed Yorkshire and brass bands at their best.

    Peggy T.
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    Thanks Peggy.

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    Shame it clashed with the Bridgewater Hall event.