Hardraw Scar 2011

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  1. catherine_S

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    Hardraw Scar Brass Band Contest - Sunday 11th September 2011

    Entry forms and revised rules for the above Contest will be made available for downloading from the Yorkshire & Humberside Brass Band Association web site from Saturday 29th January. If copies are required by post, requests should be made in advance of this date to Colin Wormald Tel. No. 01937 586734 following which copies will be posted on Friday 28th January. As entries must be limited to 14 bands a quick response is advised.

    The 2010 Contest was filmed by ITV and programmes featuring the event are due to be broadcast from March onwards. More precise details will be posted on this website when notified by ITV.
  2. rockingham_band

    rockingham_band New Member

    Does anyone know who is going?
  3. YRBBC

    YRBBC Member

    Hardraw 2011.

    Entered bands are:

    Friendly Band, Wetherby Silver, Otley Band, Burneside Brass, Rockingham, Elland Youth,
    Harrogate, Shepherd Group Concert, Hade Edge, Durham Miners, Leyburn,
    Ripon City, Ratby Co-op

    I don't know the draw but I am sure it will appear on the Yorks & Humberside Assoc. website before long www.yhbba.org.uk

    Peggy T.
  4. blue juice

    blue juice Member

    Think this is how they'll line up

    Top Section:
    Durham Miners 2nd
    Elland Youth Youth (won lower 2 years running so compete in top)
    Hade Edge Champ
    Harrogate 1st
    Ratby Co-op 1st
    Ripon 3rd
    Rockingham 2nd
    Wetherby Silver 2nd

    Burneside Brass 4th
    Friendly Band 4
    Leyburn Unreg
    Otley Band Unreg
    Shepherd Concert 4th
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  5. Paddy Flower

    Paddy Flower Active Member

    I have it on excellent authority that it is the 'Mid' band that's entered NOT the senior main band. 'Mid' are 4th section so would probably be playing in the 'Lower' section.

    Can anyone comment?
    Peggy perhaps?
  6. blue juice

    blue juice Member

    twas only a guess
  7. blue juice

    blue juice Member

    Any odds Paddy?
  8. YRBBC

    YRBBC Member

    Hardraw Scar Contest - Sunday 11th September. Commences 10 a.m.
    Venue: Green Dragon Inn, Hawes, North Yorkshire.

    Name of Band National Order
    and Conductor Grade of play

    Burneside Brass 4th 1
    MD.Laurie Johnstone

    Friendly Bd.(Sowerby Bdg) 4th 2
    MD Carol Caton

    Rockingham 2nd 3
    MD Roland Spencer

    Swinton & Dist. Excelsior 4th 4
    MD Nigel Sutherland

    Shepherd Group Concert U/G 5
    MD M.Pratt

    Wetherby Silver 2nd 6
    MD.Alan Seymour

    Ratby Co-op Mid Band 4th 7
    MD. Geoff Newman

    Leyburn ungraded 8
    MD George Lundberg

    Durham Miners Assoc. 2nd 9
    MD. Neil Davies

    Ripon City 3rd 10
    MD. Malcolm Dibb

    The Harrogate Band 1st 11
    MD. Craig Ratcliffe

    Elland Silver Youth ungraded* 12
    MD. Samantha Harrison

    Hade Edge 1st 13
    MD.Simon Wood

    Otley Brass ungraded* 14
    MD. Gordon Eddison

    Because of their successes over the past few years the Otley Band and Elland Silver Youth Band are competing
    for the prizes allocated to bands graded 3rd to 1st Section.
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  9. Toxophile

    Toxophile Member

    Have the results been published yet?
  10. ChrisWeir

    ChrisWeir New Member

    Top Section:

    Elland Silver Youth
    Hade Edge
    Wetherby Silver
    Otley Brass

    Lower Section:

    Ratby Co-Op Mid Band
    Sheperd Group Concert
    Freindly Band

    Ratby Co-Op & Hade Edge Joint winners.

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  11. blue juice

    blue juice Member

    Top Section:
    1st. Harrogate
    2nd. Elland Silver Youth
    3rd. Hade Edge
    4th. Wetherby Silver
    5th. Otley Brass

    Best March: Elland Silver
    Best Solo: Harrogate Band (Rob Illsley - Cornet)
    Best Hymn: Harrogate Band

    Lower Section:
    1st. Leyburn
    2nd. Ratby Co-Op Mid Band
    3rd. Shepherd Group Concert
    4th. Friendly Band

    Best March: Shepherd Concert Group
    Best Solo: Leyburn (Emma Lundberg - Cornet)
    Best Hymn: ???

    Best performance of a piece of original brass band music composed in the last 40 years: Wetherby Silver
    Entertainment: Ratby Co-Op & Hade Edge Joint winners.
    Winning conductor trophy: Craig Ratcliffe (Harrogate Band)
  12. MrEllis

    MrEllis New Member

    Ratby Mid Band won the Best March not Shepherd Concert Group.
  13. millie6589

    millie6589 Member

    Shepherd Concert Band won best ungraded band march, Ratby won best 4th section march.

    KEARTON New Member

    Leyburn won best Hymn in Fourth & Un Graded section.
  15. P_S_Price

    P_S_Price Member

    Congrats Harrogate

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