Hard Euph Case???

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    Hi all,
    A freind of mine is an actor (most famous for potraying the Fat Controller at the York Railway Museum). Anyway he's going on tour with a theatre company and he's playing his Euph as part of the show - He's only got a gig bag with his Euph.

    Anyone know where to buy Hard case for a 4 valve Euph, Boosey and Hawkes, quite an old model. As his Euph is going with all the rest of the company gear in the back of a 17 tonne lorry!!

    All help gratefully recieved, cheers, Garry
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    I had to buy a replacement euphonium case for one which was swept away in the Boscastle floods in 2004.

    I ordered one through Trevada Music in Camborne, but I guess any good music supplier could get one.

    But it cost an arm and a leg, though the flood appeal gave us a grant towards it (thanks to everyone who donated - the Appeal also replaced water damaged music). About £240 if I remember correctly.

    Better look to on e-Bay?

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    I have a Hiscox case (http://www.hiscoxcases.com/w_wind.htm) that fits my euph. Its smaller than a "standard" B&H - which wouldn't fit the boot of my car!

    I suspect that, as they're a small factory (Cannock, Staffordshire), that if your friend took the euph to them they could make sure it fitted by changing the padding etc.

    Price was sensible too (they offered me an "ex-demo" one at a substantial discount!)

    Good luck
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    I had one of these cases too for my old euph, a very good one to have!
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    Did he not just want to borrow mine?