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  1. nethers

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    I love my 40 year old trombone - it looks about 3 months old.

    The case is in equally amazing shape, but isn't all that tough in general, whoever made the Conn cases of the 1960s wasn't considering 21st century baggage handlers.

    I would like to get hold of a good hard case for it, suitable for air travel, young children, steam rollers etc.

    So can anyone recommend:
    1. A manufacturer of hard instrument cases?
    2. An existing case that will fit a Conn 8H?
  2. pbirch

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    they seem to have gone of the scene recently, but there was a manufacturer called "Coldstream" who made really tough cases, they are pricey, but if you really love your trombone….:)
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  5. Rapier

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    Don't know if Torpedo make bags for trombones, but their trumpet ones can be driven over! That's pretty tough.
  6. Bass Trumpet

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    I've just bought an SKB Universal Pro Trombone Case (SKB-462) from Gear4Music. Fits my customised Elkhart 88H perfectly and was reasonably priced (£130 with next-day delivery).

    Just beaten you - mine's 41 years old, but the Hagmann valve is new!
  7. nethers

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    Thanks everyone, some avenues to investigate there!

    Mine is 41 too, I rounded down to protect it's ego.

    Added a Hagmann valve? Desecration!!! Seriously though, it's quite a big valve, does it fit ok? Cause any problems with tuning?

    Thought of you the other day, I was playing a baroque mass, bass trumpet part on a trombone (couldn't find anyone here with a bass trumpet!).

    I'm hoping to add an 88h to the collection, just waiting for the lotto win.
  8. nethers

    nethers Active Member

    Just been on their website, they look amazing! No trombone model as yet though :(
  9. Bones

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    I use a Protec std. fits a straight tenor (elkie conn) and my closed wrap Hagmann Conn convertible 88H.. and goes in an aircraft hold with no damage.... came back back from switzerland with no probs
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    My daughter's got an Eastman case that came with her rath and also fits a conn. It's fab and she take it into school on the bus, taken it to germany, national courses etc so it gets a bit of stick and still copes
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  13. nethers

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    I can't find one for sale at all in New Zealand, and all other stockists want to charge me $150 for postage... :(
  14. nethers

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    Managed to get one from Amazon http://www.amazon.com/Protec-Contoured-Tenor-Trombone-Case/dp/B004AON3E2/ref=pd_rhf_se_p_t_1 including shipping to NZ, $248 (approx 125 quid). Bought it Thursday and it arrived today!

    Solid as a rock and fits like a glove. I can hold it above my head and shake it around, nothing moves... great stuff! Looking forward to chucking it on an aircraft now.