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    I don't know exactly where to put this, so here goes.

    I recently scored a Jupiter 470 from a seller on eBay to replace 'El Cheapo' (the Selman junker I bought earlier in the summer and was griping about elsewhere). I only had to come up with $700-ish ($663 + shipping/handling) for an $1800 horn!

    It just showed up yesterday and despite needing some cleaning - It's Gorgeous! I'm so stoked!

    Now I finally have a nicer quality horn to play, and not have to work on constantly.

    eBay pictures:

    Well, since I 'saved' so much money, I also picked up a Blessing M300 Marching Baritone - just because. I played one in high school and Drum & Bugle Corps while in Basic Training for the Air Force... and loved it... so I've kept an eye out for one since I've been looking. I only gave $400 for it and it looks much better than the pictures. I'm wondering how it will sound on Baritone part in our Brass Band... providing I don't knock anyone down with it. Hopefully, I can wrap my embochure around it and dispell some of the 'fuzzy' tone they're known for. :D

    eBay pictures:
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    What did they weigh, and what have you christened them?
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    I haven't actually officially weighed them... I think the Jupiter's around 12 lbs, and the Marching Baritone around 10 lbs - but I'm not a good guesstimater all the time. I guess a trip to the scale is in order.

    Anyway, I've decided (with the help of a good friend) to name the Jupiter "Nacho Horn." (Who's horn is that? It's Nacho Horn.) I know, it sounds stupid... but I affixed the monniker on everything I owned while in the Air Force so I could retrieve it quickly (ex.: Nacho Stapler, Nacho Hat, Nacho Computer, et. al.). I'll probably start referring to it as 'Nacho' for short.

    And the Marching Baritone is now known as: "Not So Wee." My wife held up her Cornet next to the MB and called it a 'Trumpet on Steroids.' And then she reminded me that another close friend of mine had told us a joke involving a Scotsman explaining that in his land they didn't have Small, Medium, and Large sizes... they had "Wee, Not So Wee, and ******* HUGE!" So in the spirit of keeping it clean in mixed company, 'Not So Wee' it is.

    All I know is that I'm having a total blast with these new horns. I cleaned up Nacho this afternoon for a Brass Band performance this evening for a local Christmas Party, and it made me sound really good. It has a much warmer sound than El Cheapo and the valve action is a lot cleaner as well. It almost seems to be a lot more efficient with the air as well. There really is a difference between playing a junker and something much nicer. I'm so happy I was able to 'trade-up.' I think I'm all set now for many years of enjoyment.

    Heck, even Not So Wee has a warmer sound than El Cheapo. I'm amazed that there's none of the fuzzy tone I remember the one from High School having. Maybe I was just over-blowing it way back then or something. But it has an amazingly mellow tone for something that's designed to knock down buildings.

    The other players in the band really loved the mix of nickel and brass on Nacho and said the horn sounded a lot nicer as well. They were astonished when I told them what I paid for it, and I suspect there will be a few logging onto eBay soon as a result.

    EDIT: Please don't try and beat the beeper - its there for a reason. Ian (WoodenFlugel)
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