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    I'm raising money for Marie Curie Cancer Care and as a brass band enthusiast I decided to try something a little different.
    Seems to me that not many bands have an arrangement of "Happy Birthday to you" so when someone asks if you can play it at a gig it's just down to a few to busk it with mixed results.
    I've now completed an arrangement, called "Happy Birthday Sketches", that allows you to play a simple one verse accompaniment to the song. You can also carry on and play the whole thing, verse 2 is a lullaby version and the final verse is a circus style march.

    As this music is still under copyright I’ve purchased a license to publish a limited number of copies. I will send a set and score, free of charge, to anyone who donates to my fund raising effort for Marie Curie Cancer Care. Please visit my fund raising page http://www.justgiving.com/nlawless to see how to donate or send me a message through these pages.

    My thanks go to Ashton Band (who had the dubious pleasure of doing the proof reading), and to EMI and Faber who granted the License at a greatly reduced cost.
    No part of your donation will go to covering costs or anything else other than Marie Curie Cancer Care.
    This offer is limited by the number of copies allowed by the copyright license so it’s 1st come, 1st served.
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    I wonder if you can help me . I donated money for the Marie Curie Cancer Care from your advert for the Happy Birthday Music. I run several school bands and would like to play your arrangement to the general public possibly to raise money for your fund.