Handley Band Uniforms – The New Era

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    Handley Band Uniforms – The New Era

    [imgleft]http://www.themouthpiece.com/images/handley.jpg[/imgleft]Handley Band Uniforms (R & J Handley) is entering a new era in its business development. Established in 1914, three generations have brought the organisation into the enviable position as the UK’s leading supplier of band uniforms, and the future looks very promising with the new changes that are due to take place in the forthcoming months.

    The business is now undergoing a re-branding process to expand its services and appeal to a wider international market place. Visitors to the many trade shows at which they exhibit across the country will notice the shift to the new name and new look of Handley Band Uniforms. This will be further enhanced by their forthcoming new website (www.handleybanduniforms.com) which is due to launch by 1st April 2007. A move to new premises is also scheduled in the next few months and the launch of a new website for its associated organisation, TOR Banners (www.torbanners.com - specialist manufacturers and embroiderers of music stand banners) recently took place as part of the evolution of this group of businesses.

    On behalf of Handley Band Uniforms, Jon Handley said “We have recognised that the services we offer need to maintain the traditional values and high quality of product which we have established over the many years of trading. However, we are also excited about incorporating more modern approaches to develop these services. Our new website will provide an insight to what we are able to supply, including jackets, waistcoats, blazers and accessories. When bands wish to purchase a new uniform their decision process is assisted by offering all their members 24/7 access to view our full range of styles, trims and options. A simple Quotation Request Form can then be submitted from which we can provide the costings and the whole turnaround time is improved immensely. The website will also offer an ideal platform from which we can present our special promotions and general news.”

    In conjunction with the use of the internet, further advancements in the organisation’s design and embroidery sections also embrace new technology to the benefit of company and customer alike. Using modern design software applications, together with computerized embroidery machines, these facilities offer bands the freedom to either submit their own logos for embroidery onto, for example, waistcoats and blazers or alternatively seek professional advice for a brand new logo design with the organisation’s ‘Same Day Design’ service. The multi-head embroidery machines then meet the supply demands by providing accurate replication both in layout and colour-matching with no order being too large or too small.

    Victoria Handley added, “… with the cross-association of businesses between TOR Designs (for band leisurewear - online catalogue available at www.tordesigns.com) and TOR Banners (for music stand banners) complementing the work of Handley Band Uniforms it means that we really can provide bands with a complete solution for all their stage presentation, performance uniform, semi-formal and leisurewear requirements.”

    Roger Handley commented “After my 50 years in the industry it is wonderful to see that new ways of developing the business are still available. As bandspeople are aware, I’m actively involved in the running of the business, but this use of modern technology and new promotional techniques may now ease my workload and enable me to have more leisure time with my family and enjoy my Grandchildren, so I’m very enthusiastic about the ideas for the future!”.

    Handley Band Uniforms have identified the moving trends of bands and their uniform requirements. By expanding their production facilities and making their services flexible and more widely accessible, they are now looking forward to meeting the complete needs of bands more readily and developing the European and USA marketplaces from which they have recently enjoyed increased interest.

    Mr Jon Handley

    Address: 27-29 Barkston House, Croydon Street, Leeds, LS11 9RT
    Telephone: 01132 457 008
    Email: jon.handley@handleybanduniforms.com
    Website: www.handleybanduniforms.com
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    :clap: Exciting times Jon! Good luck with the re-launch.:clap:
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