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    Anyone experienced this before?

    I recently spent 2 weeks in Singapore, visiting my parents over the christmas period. My journey consisted of 2 flights each way. The first from Newcastle to Dubai, the second from Dubai to Singapore with a stop in Colombo (Sri Lanka). The return journey was the same in reverse.

    I travelled economy class and my conditions of flight stated that I was allowed no more than 5kg hand luggage. No doubt that all of the other passengers in economy class had the same allowance as I did. With this in mind, why did I find that almost every other passenger on the plane translated this allowance to be 'another suitcase' which must weigh at least double the 5kg stated.

    I have noticed this a number of times on a number of holidays but so far it has not enraged me as it did upon my return from Singapore. When we were boarding the plane in Singapore, other passengers spent so long organising their 'additional suitcases' in the overhead lockers that the Captain was forced to announce that we had already missed our departure window and if everyone didn't sit down within the next 10 minutes we would miss another and wouldn't be able to take off for several hours. As it turned out we managed to take off 30 minutes later than planned.

    When we arrived in Colombo the same thing happened again. All but 30 passengers got off the plane and then additional passengers boarded the plane and we went through the same fiasco again. We were an hour late in leaving columbo. The result was that when we landed in Dubai my connecting flight was on it's final call and I had to sprint in order to catch it. My luggage was not so fortunate, it missed the connecting flight and I did not get it back until 7pm the following evening.

    Has anyone experienced this themselves? Is there anyone on tmp who takes these suitcases on board a plane with them? Or am I just over-reacting?
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    This used to be far more prevalent than it is now. Many airlines have cracked down hard on cabin baggage, and the recent security notching ups have assisted. Many UK airports strictly enforce the one piece of baggage restriction. Others do not, hence your problem.

    I got extremely annoyed on a BA internal flight once when I couldn't put my single small piece of baggage in the overhead bin and had to put it under the seat infront (thus removing all my legroom). The bins had already been filled by people with two or three pieces of luggage each.
  3. Bass Man

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    I had the same problem. My one piece of hand luggage (a small rucksack) had to be stowed under the seat in front.
  4. I'd solve this problem with hitting offending passengers with their own luggage and then feeding it to them - 2 problems solved at once- plenty leg room and no nasty noises from other travellers!

  5. TheMusicMan

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    I don't understand how passengers with more than the one piece of luggage were allowed through security.

    I had my take on baggage with me on a recent trip, and my camera in a small over the shoulder case that I place inside my carry on luggage (so I only still have just the one item). This was in Heathrow... we always have to take out laptops and other stuff from my take on luggage so just before I went through the first checkpoint, in fact, right in front of the Security person at the head of the queue, I took my camera bag out of my case and proceeded through. I was told by this stupid woman to 'consolidate my luggage please' - when she had just seen me take it out of the other case!!!

    So, I had to place it back in the bag, walk 20 yards, then take it out again to go through the scanner!! Jobsworth or what?

    The other thing that frustrates me is that it seems all searches are random. I have the exact same stuff in my luggage for every trip I go on. OK, maybe different shirt and clothes - but the rest is the same. One day I can go through with no beeps, and another day I go through and they ask to search my bag!! When I ask what it is that has warranted the search, they never have an acceptable answer for me.
  6. Anno Draconis

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    Very few foreign airports (apart from some of the major hubs like Frankfurt, Paris, Amsterdam, Zurich) actually enforce the baggage restrictions with anything like the joyful obsession of UK airports. Hence the frustration when you've stripped your cabin baggage down to one small rucksack containing passport, wallet, phone and a book, only to discover that everyone else on the flight has brought a weeks worth of luggage in one of those irritating wheeled trolleys that entirely fill an overhead locker.

    I don't actually understand the aim of the new security procedures at all. The security queue at Manchester airport one morning in November when I had to catch a flight to Zurich snaked all the way out into the shopping area, and it wasn't even the holiday season. How does confiscating people's toothpaste/after shave because it isn't in a plastic bag make the nation safer? If someone's going to bring explosives on board disguised in a water bottle, why not simply put it in a suitcase and detonate it remotely? I can't help but feel that the Airport want the security to be slow and cumbersome to ensure that people have to get there early and have no choice but to visit the ridiculously overpriced shops and cafes.

    Here's something to consider - last year I drove back from France with a car full of wine, what's to stop someone filling wine bottles with explosive, driving onto a ferry or into the tunnel and detonating it? Answer - nothing, if they're really determined and prepared to die in the attempt. No security check could possible check the contents of every bottle in every boot of every car going to and from Dover. I don't mean that we should do nothing, but my point is that unless everyone is searched every time they enter or leave any building or public area, we have to draw a line somewhere between security precautions and allowing people to get on with their lives. I think the line is in the wrong place at the moment.

    We're reaching the point where this obsession with security is doing the terrorists' job for them - I know a quite a lot of people (us included) who will not be flying abroad for their summer holiday next year not because of fear of terrorism but because we really can't be fagged with the obsessive, bizarre security.
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    on a recent trip to the UK I arrived at Bangcok airport and had to go back through security to re board and go on to Brisbane. There were many un happy passengers because they were not allowed to take more than 100 mls of fluid in their hand bagage. So any duty free that you bought in Heathrow after your security checks were taken away and never got to your destination.
    I'm glad i didn't have any but there were many bottles getting confiscated. I think once you have been through one security point to board a plane that should be enough. Can't see any one buying their explosive in a duty free store in Heathrow and sneaking it back on board in Bangcok.
    Australia has a policy of allowing passengers to buy their duty free in Australia before going through to customs so you don't have to carry them from one side of the world to another just get them at home befor you leave the airport. Simple
  8. Bass Man

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    I always manage to get searched no matter what airport I travel from. I haven't asked for an explanation so far, but I think that being over 6 feet tall and heavily built qualifies me as being potential terrorist!
  9. geordiecolin

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    I had the same problem when flying back from Paris last year, all the brits had minimal hand luggage, no duty free either even though we were told it was ok. Prior to boarding the French security suddenly decided they were going to search everyone's bags. This won't take long we thought, until the group of 25 french teenage girls arrived each with a wheeled suitcase. As hand luggage. Of course all of them had make up etc which was confiscated. The plane eventually left 2 hours late. The ridiculous thing was, the security didn't body search anybody, so as we all queued, everyone who had fluids or duty free perfume etc just took them out of their bags and put them in their pockets rendering the entire search pointless!!
  10. TheMusicMan

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    Just had another random incident here in Dusseldorf. I travelled through here a few weeks before Christmas with the exact same items in my toilet bag i.e. electric shaver, toothbrush and toothpaste, a few hotel sized shampoo and gel bottles and some small travel size roll-on deodorant. Last time, no probs at all.... this time... beep, beep, beep....

    Jeez I thought, wtf now...

    Searched the bag, everything out - and I mean everything...!!! Then they searched my toilet bag and told me off for carrying the shampoo, shower gel and toothpaste saying they should have been in a plastic bag!!!!! What an absolute load of 'items in scrotum'. I was then informed I could go and purchase a plastic bag for 1 euro, but I'd have to pack up, go back through outside customs, then come back in... or only choose one item of the 5 or 6 he confiscated as only one was allowed in toilet bags...!!!!

    So I chose the one that can do most damage of course... the toothpaste! (the others were nicked from hotel rooms :) )

    One rule one day, same rule other day but different mood on the part of the customs/security official... it's all a joke I am certain of it.
  11. John Brooks

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    Watch your language John, you'll have the mods down on you ;)

    It's not a joke......it's a very devious random plan to disturb the really bad guys.......isn't it?

    Last October I (along with many others) had a real challenge at Heathrow. On the flight from Toronto to London I was allowed 2 pcs. of hand baggage (my laptop and camera). Get to Heathrow on my return trip only to find out about the 1 pc. limit, absolutely rigidly enforced between the 30 feet where you enter the security area and the other side. Ever try to get a DSLR camera in a laptop bag? Absolute total stupidity and another example of where the bad guys have negatively influenced our lives forever.
  12. horn1

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    I was in Crete when the original scare happened the summer before last and it was a nightmare getting information. Our british travel agent told us we couldn't take anything onboard other than a plastic bag with our documents and purses so dutifully we packed everything into our luggage. When we got to the airport we got told off for having too much luggage and were made to take out original hand luggage through with us, which as we'd packed it for the hold had all sorts of banned items in. We didn't even get searched! What is the point of all the hysteria in Britain if incoming flights have virtually no checks??? Madness!!