Hammonds Hawley Band Reunion

Discussion in 'Bandroom News - User Submitted' started by Malcolm Dibb, Jan 14, 2008.

  1. iancwilx

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    Hello Herr Svenson old mate.
    I seem to recall that there was a big fall out at Hammonds at some point between the band and the Management and about 18 players broke away and took on sponsorship from Yamaha through Bill Lewington and formed "Lewington Yamaha Brass"
    It was at this point that some say that Hammonds drafted in the entire Hawley Band to play under the Hammonds Sauce Works Band title.
    I don't know what happened, but the "Senior" band continued to function without any hiccups.
    But I can confirm that there was a definite link between Hammonds and the formation of Lewingtons because I got the facts first hand from the late Barry Waddington who was involved at the time.
    Keep blowing Steveo (Remember the Zulu Infantry Band ?)
    - Wilkie
  2. Seaweed

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    The "Junior" now Community Band are still playing, they rehearse on Tuesdays still at a little church hall in Bradford. My dad still plays there and I still get roped in to helping out at concerts. Not much has changed since you left, Stuart is still the Conductor, Andy G is on cornet, Chris S on Euph, John on Euph, Raymond on Horn, Brian and dad on Bass, John D on back row cornets. And also, remember stuarts little kids? well two of the lads play on the cornet section now.

    So if ever you have some free time, a rarity with me too! please feel free to contact me and i'll give you the directions and maybe even a lift lol. The band are a non contesting band, mainly made up of begginers and lesser experienced players. So if you want to start playing with a friendly band, i know bums on seats are always welcome.
  3. Steveo

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    Yes Ian, I'm still playing.
    In fact I'm now playing Flugel for Waratah Newcastle No. 2 band, and we were crowned Australian C Grade Champions in Brisbane just last night.
  4. iancwilx

    iancwilx Well-Known Member

    Heartiest congratulations to you and the band Steve - we had some great times at Kippax.
    - Wilkie
    (OK Mods - back on topic now)
  5. Soplady

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    The Band Malcolm is referring to is the Band which in 1977 was called Hammonds Sauce Band "B". This Band won the Yorkshire Area 4th Section Championship, went to the then Pontins qualifying contest at Southport at Easter and again won the 4th Section, won the 4th Sction National Finals which were then held in London in October 1977 (beating Skipton Band into 2nd Place) and came 3rd at the Pontins Finals in Prestatyn.

    This Band then did a tour of Germany and Austria in 1980.


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