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  1. Jan H

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    I salute you from the Kingdom of Belgium, as one of the few regular Continental-European posters on tMP. :biggrin: My full name is Jan Houben and I'm currently 26 years old.

    Technically, I should not be allowed on tMP, because I don't play in a brass band, although I've been playing the cornet since I was 9 and I'm a big fan of brass band music. Instead, I play in something called a "fanfare band" in Dutch (my mother tongue is Dutch). It's like a brass band, but with a lot of flugels added and also saxophones (woodwind! :eek: ) -> for more information about my band visit www.kempenbloei.be (there is an English section as well!).

    Nevertheless, I know quite some people in the Belgian and Dutch "brass band scene", e.g. through Dutch-language websites such as www.brassbandforum.be and www.brassinfo.nl. So I'll try to keep you all informed about what's going on over here.

    Besides music, I work as a mechanical engineer at an Engineering Services company called LMS, which is located in Leuven, the beer capital of Belgium (because the Stella Artois headquarters are located here ;) ). For my job I regularly have to travel. More about me on www.zjang.34sp.com

    Enjoy your time on tMP!
  2. PeterBale

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    It would be a shame if tMP were ever to be thought of as exclusively for members of brass bands. We're glad to have many here hwo simply have an interest in bands, or even a boyfriend/girlfriend who plays, and we all have something we can contribute.

    It's great to have you with us, Jan, and we value your insight into the continental scene - and I would certainly endorse your last statement: tMP is about enjoyment, sharing fun as well as knowledge with those of a like mind ;)

  3. Di

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    Jan, you interloper!:eek: ;)

    Of course you should be allowed on tMP. tMP is not limited to those who play in brass bands, it is for anyone who shares an interest in bands and would like to read about and discuss all matters banding, plus a few non-band related topics too ;). :)

    You are most certainly welcome. :hi
  4. Jan H

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    phew, thanks! ;)
  5. mikelyons

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    Hallo Jan,

    You forgot to mention what an incredibly nice chap you are, with never a bad word to say to anyone.

    Welcome to our world ;)
  6. mikelyons

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    I see the mad lady is on the bus again :p
  7. HorniKaz

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    Am I possibly one of the few tMPers that has actually met Jan in the flesh?? I'm sooooooooooo lucky!! Really nice guy & looks so much better in person than in his avatar!! ;)

  8. Jan H

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    LOL ;)
    I better start looking for a new avatar then :)

    I think I actually met (and spoke to) 5 non-Belgian tMPers upto now. And spoke with 1 other on the phone :)