Hallelujah Parade

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by dougie, May 11, 2005.

  1. dougie

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    I am looking for a piece called Hallelujah Parade, it's a Salvaton Army piece by Kevin Norbury, I think. I've tried Just Music who ordered it, and as usual with SPS or whatever their name is, it took about 6 weeks for them to come back and tell us it's only available in Canada and refused to import it for us. Anyone know where I can get this in the UK?
  2. Bariman

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    It's advertised on the WoB site so should be available.

    I'm sure Carl will comment soon - once he's finished organising tonight's ISB festival at Chatham.

    Look at Hallelujah Parade
  3. brasscrest

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    It's not published by SP&S, it's part of a series called Maple Leaf Brass published by the SA Canadian territorial headquarters in Toronto.

    Go here.

    Unfortunately, the Canadian territory seems to have some issues with actually selling things. I've tried several times to buy things from them and have been frustrated. If WoB can get it, I'd go there first.
  4. WorldofBrass.com

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    Thanks for this, John.
    I'm sorry to say that we have had to delete this piece from our catalogue.
    It was published by The Salvation Army in Canada but we are unable to obtain any further supplies from them.
    I have suggested that we approach Canada with a view to publishing it in our own Judd Street Collection but at this moment in time I'm waiting for a response.

    We did have a couple of sets left but I've just checked and they've both gone. I'll remove it from the WoB site to avoid any confusion.
  5. dougie

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    Ok thanks anyway, I've got a friend in Canada who used to play with the band, so I'll see if she can get it for us and mail it, I was just checking if anyone knew of an easier UK based solution before I did that.