Haitian National Anthem

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    Dear all, like many bands, Chapel en le Frith Town Band has been asked to play at a concert in aid of Haiti.

    I thought it would be nice to include their national anthem in this concert, but I have searched the net & cannot find a manuscript version to arrange from. Does anybody have acces to a score?

    Kindest Regards Aidan.
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  3. Andrew Norman

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    Here's a quick arrangement for 10 piece Brass - I assume it's in the Public Domain as I found it on a Public Domain Site - this arrangement is offered free to all those playing in fundraising concerts
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    You could try sibeliusmusic.com otherwise - i mainly used that site for arranging national anthems of countries such as Papua New Guinea, and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines etc. for Skelmanthorpe Slow Melody's random section. It's a good source.

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    Thanks for everybody's help, it needs to be full band, choir & handbells!! :eek:)

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