Hade Edge Band, Yorkshire 1st section - vacancies

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    Edit: For current vacancies see most recent posts

    Hade Edge (J&E Dickinson) Band, National & Yorkshire 2nd Section Champions 2002 and Yorkshire Area 1st Section runners up 2003 require a experienced front/back row cornet. You can contact Simon Wood (conductor) on 07973426939 for more info. The band is friendly but hard working and is constantly improving and looking to progress to the next level.
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    We are also doing Preston Contest on February 8th.
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    Championship section, West Yorkshire

    The Hade Edge Band (http://www.hadeedgeband.co.uk) are looking to for new players following the areas. We require the services of a solo trombone player and a 2nd euphonium player.

    We are a hard-working band based in the village of Hade Edge just outside Holmfirth, easily accessible from Huddersfield and the surrounding areas (inc. Ashton, Barnsley, etc.). We are competing in the Holmfirth Contest towards the end of April and the championship section in Bradford next year. Rehearsals Tuesdays and Thursdays 8:00pm - 10:00pm.

    For enquiries regarding joining or just general questions, either PM or email me directly (ruebenchandler@gmail.com), or contact me on 07814 446583. Our conductor (Simon Wood) can also be reached regarding joining on 07973 426939.
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    Update: The band has recruited a 2nd euphonium player who will be joining from next week. We still want a 1st Trombone player!
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    Hello Dave, I'm sat behind you in the computer room.
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    and im sat behind you mark !!
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    And I'm sat next to you both, lucky me
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    Hade Edge Band, West Yorkshire

    The Hade Edge Band, based just outside of Holmfirth in West Yorkshire, require a principle cornet and/or a soprano cornet payer. We have a strong team and are looking to put in good performances at the Witchaven(sp?) entertainment contest in September and the Northern Open in November, plus the championship section in the Yorkshire Area Contest in March.

    Alternatively, if you fancy a blow and are an experienced/competent player, we are always prepared to welcome new players to the band. At the moment though, our cornet section is the priority.

    We are conducted by the talented Simon Wood, and any enquiries should be directed to him ( 07973426939 ) or to myself via phone ( 07921264298 ), email ( ruebenchandler@gmail.com ) or PM.
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    Update! We currently have a (more than) full band, but we still need two new cornet players. Our 2nd man (lass) down is prepared to play soprano cornet if required, but we'd need a top and 2nd man in that case.

    Basically we need two new players to fill either:

    - Principle Cornet
    - 2nd Man Down
    - Soprano Cornet

    We are university friendly if you are a student looking for a band in West Yorkshire and lifts can be provided.
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    PRINCIPAL CORNET, Championship Section, West Yorkshire

    Firstly, can I give an ever-so-slightly belated greeting to Griffin! Who joined us not so long ago on soprano cornet! Good on you Mick! And keep up your fine work.

    The Hade Edge Band, based near Holmfirth in West Yorkshire is nearly full! We have a strong team now that requires just one more player:


    We have a varied set of engagements coming up, including:

    - Northen Open (St. Helens) in November
    - Brass at the Guild (Preston) in February
    - Yorkshire Regionals Championship Section (Bradford) in March

    Are you up to the challenge? This is an excellent opportunity for any budding top-chair player to make the step up!

    Ideally you will be technically proficient and have a soloists flair and style, but the most important attribute will be commitment to regular rehearsals and jobs.

    Alternatively, we can take on a 2nd-man/woman down instead, as our current 2nd player is capable of playing in the top chair and has done so several times before. But our preference is to recruit a principle cornet.

    Transport is available and can be provided. University students are more than welcome!

    Unsure? Watch our TV show! Starting "tonight" (06/10/2005) at 7:30pm of ITV Yorkshire. A five-part documentary following the band as they prepare for the Yorkshire Regionals from back in March. See what you think!

    Enquiries should be made to one of two people:

    - Me (PM Me, Email me to ruebenchandler@gmail.com or phone me on 07921 264298 )
    - Our MD Simon Wood, who can be phoned on 07973426939
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    Isn't the test piece mentioned again?

    Thanks, Laura - I had seen it, but you must have clicked on Quote before I'd done the second one :oops:
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    I must confess to be being perplexed! I've read the rules, am I not allowed to post pieces that we are playing? If not fair enough, but it seems slightly picky.
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    You don't know who's reading this...if an adjudicator happens to see it it opens up a whole can of worms that I'm sure many would not want opened. :rolleyes:
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    It is in the rules, although possibluy it could be more prominent. As has been said, it could give an unfair advantage, or even disadvantage, if the contest is Own Choice but closed adjudication:
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    Cheers Dave...

    Great bunch of guys...

    Was hungover for 2 days following Wychavon!
    That'll teach me to drink with the Bass section!
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    Hade Edge band, Yorkshire Championship Section, Solo Horn

    The Hade Edge Band in West Yorkshire have a vacancy for a solo horn player.

    Situated just outside Holmfirth, near Huddersfield, we have a full team minus this vacancy, and a full schedule for the year, including contests at Buxton, Holmfirth, Whit Friday and Wilkinsons.

    Our concert schedule is hugely varied, with jobs in big halls such as the Venue in Barkisland, Huddersfield Town Hall, Holmfirth Civic Hall and many others, and lots of small band jobs and outdoor jobs for summer.

    We are a very social and friendly group but also determined to continue the excellent progress made in the last few years.

    We are on the verge of starting development on a new bandroom, which offers exciting possibilities for the future.

    If transport is an issue, please get in touch and we may be able to sort you out.

    All enquiries should be directed either to me (via PM, email or 07921 264298 ) or our MD Simon Wood on 07973 426939.
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    Hade Egde Band, Yorkshire 1st section requires Front row cornet


    Hade Edge Band, Yorkshire 1st section, are looking for a front row cornet player due to a player relocation.

    We are situated just outside Holmfirth and have just moved into our stunning new purpose-built bandroom and have a fantastic outlook for the future which also includes a thriving junior and training band.

    We are looking for someone to come down as soon as possible so if you're interested, please get in touch by PMing or emailing me or get in contact via our website- www.hadeedgeband.co.uk

    Thanks :biggrin:


    Name of band, Region, Section, vacancy/vacancies
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    New bandroom is awesome! Not to be missed. Please don't hesitate to get in touch for any queries and the like. We're a friendly bunch and don't bite ... much ... ;)
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    Solo Horn, Yorkshire 1st Section

    The Hade Edge Band require a solo horn player to complete our line-up. Come have a blow at our brand new bandroom! 2 minutes from Holmfirth, 20 minutes from Huddersfield.

    All enquiries, email or PM me, or give me a ring on 07921 264298. Ta

    (note, the band are currently on a break until 23rd August)

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    Hade Edge are also on the look-out for a top lass front row player, due to a player moving onto university.
    If you are coming to Huddersfield uni in september, this would be a perfect opportunity for you, or if you would like a friendly bunch to play for, give myself or dave (above) a ring or message.

    Kelly x