Haag Eb rotary tuba for sale

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Jonathantuba, Nov 26, 2009.

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    For sale is my old Hermann Haag 3 rotary valve Eb. I am not sure exactly how old it is, but it was brought back to the UK from Switzerland by tuba virtuoso, Steve Sykes in 1988.

    Haag is a quality Swiss instrument maker who don’t any more make tubas ( http://www.musikhaag.ch/instrumentenbau/en_start.html ). This Eb was probably formerly used in a Swiss band and would make a great tuba to play in a German style oom-pah band. It is fairly light which also makes it excellent for standing gigs. Bell is 15 inches diameter and it stands 41 inches high.

    It is of large bore (larger than a Sovereign EEb!) and has a very good full sound which has been complemented a number of times during my ownership. With clockwork springs, the valves are smooth and quiet in movement and tight with no air leaks.

    It sings nicely in the middle and upper register. Just the Bb and A below the stave/staff feel a bit stuffy, rather like a German F tuba.

    The tuba is raw (unlacquered) brass with nickel silver fittings and although it has a number of small dents from years of use, nothing substantial to effect it’s playing.

    I have been using mainly for standing gigs and am now selling as I’m concentrating on playing an F as my bass tuba.

    The sale price is £600 (670 EURO, 1000 USD) including a JK Exclusive 5D mouthpiece (shank trimmed to fit leadpipe) and carrying bag (which was originally for Yamaha keyboard).

    The tuba is situated in central southern England, but I will ship worldwide at buyer’s expense.



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    Looks like a nice instrument, Pity I am so far away, would have loved to have a try out on it.
    But with a Sov 4 valve EEb, King 3 valve Eb sousa and 4 Valve Euph I proberbly have enough.

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