Håkan Hardenberger Live Interview

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    Hi Guys,

    This might be of interest to some of you - trumpet virtuoso Håkan Hardenberger will be interviewed live online by Sarah Willis (french horn with the Berlin Phil).

    Viewers will be able to ask questions of both of them via live chat.

    Live stream is on 16th January (today) at 8am NYC Time / 2pm Berlin Time / Midnight Melbourne time.

    Watch on www.sarah-willis.com/live

    You can also see previous interviews with brass luminaries such as Mick Mulcahy (CSO Trombone), James Morrison (Jazz Trumpeter), Myron Bloom (Horn Legend - got his first principal job in a major American orchestra in 1949!) and Carol Jantsch (the best, youngest and prettiest lady playing tuba in a major symphony orchestra). Archived videos are at www.sarah-willis.com/videos

    Hope some of you enjoy it.

    Love from Tim

    PS - I'm still gearing up to do the best ever live stream of a brass band contest ever....Australian Nationals at easter time. Details on www.brassbanned.com

    PPS - sorry if this is too spammy and not interesting, feel free to delete it!
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