Gwynedd Youth Brass Band Reunion

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    Was having a chat in Band the other day , It's 10 years since William Mathais Music Services took over the Music Peri service in Gwynedd , Anglesey and Denbighshire.
    If anyone on TMP knows of anyone from Gwynedd , Anglesey , Denbighshire who plays with their band , lets try and get a few heads together and arrange a massed band job of former players.
    Just a few names of Gwynedd old boys....
    Gavin Saynor ( Buy as you View/Leyland/Faireys/YBS/BT )
    Dewi Griffiths ( YBS / Beaumaris / Llanrug )
    Dyl Williams ( TMP Allstar Mod Deniolen / NYBBW)
    Iwan Williams ( YBS / Marple / NYBBW )
    Paul Hughes ( Grimethorpe / Point of Ayr /Beaumaris)
    Eilir Williams ( YBS/Wingates/Deiniolen )
    Euros Williams ( YBS /NYBBW/Deiniolen)
    Arfon Owen ( NYBBW / Menai Bridge / Black Dyke)
    Mike Jones ( YBS/Point of Ayr / Wire Brass/NYBBW)
    Aled Griffiths ( Euph @Llanrug living in the midlands I think )
    Glyn Williams ( Fodens /NYBBW)
    Aled Williams ( Abergynolwyn/Royal Oakley / Fodens/Beaumaris )
    Emily Roberts ( Deiniolen / NYBBW )
    Sion Wyn Hughes ( Deiniolen / NYBBW )
    Sian Williams ( Deiniolen / NYBBW/BT)
    Dylan Oswyn ( ossie Bb) Royal Logistics Corps
    Gerwyn Hughes ( Band Blues and Royals )
    Charlie Maynard ( cricketer Matthew Maynard's brother -Session Bass Trom London tutor North Wales Youth Orchestra)
    Arwel Davies ( Trom Point of Ayr / Beaumaris)
    Rhodri Thomas ( Whitburn / Leyland / BTM)
    Iwan Williams ( Parc and Dare / Mid Rhondda / Llanrug)
    Emma Illier (Flugel from the Corwen Area)_
    These are just a few there are loads of us out there who stated off in the Trefor / Deiniolen/Beaumaris/ Menai Bridge/Royal Nanlle Vale/Royal Oakley/Towyn/Abergynolwyn/Corwen...If you are out there get in touch!!!!
  2. Alright you tart how's it goin?! Think it's a great idea, and what a band it'll be too!! Good excuse to come back to God's country for a few days.
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    One of the best ideas you have ever had!

    A concert in PJ Hall in Bangor with a massed band with guest conductor Dennis Williams (possibly wearing an Afro!)would be brilliant, especially if you could get everyone involved!
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    Arfon always a treat to see you amigo...where is my pint from the Eisteddfod?? still am sure we can get a list of names , possible dates for a few rehersals and numbers together and arrange a concert with the present and past band...I am sure Mr Williams ( Dennis ) would love to conduct this band .