Gwent Youth Band Festival 2009

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  1. Kiz7

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    SATURDAY 31st JANUARY 2009


    Section 3 Non-Competitive Section - Adjudicator Mr Philip Harper
    1 Pontardulais Junior 12.40pm

    Section 2 - Adjudicator Mr Philip Harper
    1. Bassaleg School 9.00am
    2. Blaenavon Town Junior 9.25am
    3. Cwmbran Youth 9.45am
    4. Monmouth School 10.05am
    5. Cinderford Academy 10.30am
    6. North Powys Youth 11.00am
    7. Forest of Dean Area Youth 11.25am
    8. Cwmtawe District Youth 11.50am
    9. Caerleon Comprehensive School 12.15pm

    Results & presentation of awards for Section 2 1.00pm

    Section 1 - Adjudicator Mr Brian Buckley
    1. Flowers Youth 1.45pm
    2. Rogerstone Junior 2.10pm
    3. Lydbrook Training 2.35pm
    4. Abergavenny Youth 3.00pm
    5. Newport Borough 3.25pm
    6. Aberystwyth Youth 4.05pm
    7. Chepstow Town 4.30pm
    8. Usk Youth 4.55pm
    9. Lions Youth 5.30pm

    Results & presentation of awards for Section 1 6.15pm

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  2. weenie

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    Does anyone have a full list of results of both sections please?
  3. Kiz7

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    Hi Steve

    I have the results for both sections and the Gwent order of merit etc listed for my kids on my website on the youth brass band page if you want to have a look. I don't seem able to migrate them over to tmp without making a mess of the layout and it being hard to read!

    It was an excellent day - well done to the organisers!
  4. Deano

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    section 1

    1st Abergavenny
    2nd Lions
    3rd Usk

    thats all i know sorry
  5. jim

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    4th Flowers Youth band

    Best soloist Will Norman - Cornet Flowers youth
  6. MAW

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    5th Chepstow
    plus highest placed Gwent Band.
  7. Kiz7

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    According to the rules, as it is a festival places outside of the top 4 are not awarded so Chepstow couldn't know that they were 5th. They were however awarded 1st place in the Gwent Band order of merit (which is for Gwent bands not placed in the top 3)

    All results are now on the Gwent Music Support Service website.
  8. MAW

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    they must have worked it out from the highest placed Gwent Band result.
  9. Kiz7

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    In which case then they could well have been 5th, 6th or 7th as two of the remaining bands outside the top 4 were not from Gwent (Aberystwyth and Lydbrook) so would not have been included in the order of merit!
  10. GingerMaestro

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    Congratulations to the Flowers Youth Band under the superb direction of Tom Davoran.

    Their first contest appearance and to gain 4th place is excellent also Will Norman picking up the soloist prize.

    My daughter Becky (First Horn) with the band came back with a smile beaming across her face after having a great day away with the band.

    A big Well Done to Tom for the hard work and dedication he puts in to the band making it a very worthwhile and enjoyable experience for all the kids involved, and also to the tutors who help out.

    :clap::tup Well Done:tup:clap:
  11. MAW

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    All I know is that a friend of mine who plays for Chepstow told me that they were 5th. My Band is Newport.
  12. Thegroupies

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    Congratulations to Abergavenny Youth Band, avery entertaining programme. Who were your two singers, being able to play as well I think a future onsatge is set for both!

    I think all bands should be congratulated, why don't we see more about their achievments in the press? I am sure if just one of them had done something wrong we would hear about it. The fact they spend hours practicing and attending competitions and rehearsals all over Gwent we don't. Come on south Wales Argus, Western Mail where were you?. We are not all lambrini swilling teenage chav's in the valleys.

    Well done everyone!!!!
  13. katieeuph

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    In answer to Thegroupies, there was a large double page spread with photos in the South Wales Argus about the contest, and there was also a further write up in the same paper on Wednesday evening, saying the very same thing that you are (ie that there ARE young people out there doing something worthwhile). To be fair to the Argus, they do a good write up on the contest every year.
  14. Thegroupies

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    Thanks for that info' very glad to hear it. The Argus tends to be regional so will try and get those back dated copies.

    Before anyone comments on the Lambrini swilling - they could be seen outside the Spar opposite the college at the end of the night!