Gwent Solo, Quartet and Ensemble Contest

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  1. chris turner

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    Following the highly successful Solo, Quartet & Ensemble Contest last year, Gwent Music Services has confirmed that the 5th Solo, Quartet & Ensemble Contest organised by Gwent Music Support Service will now take place on Saturday 5th June 2010 at the YMCA, Mendalgief Road, Newport.

    The contest is open to all, and in past years has included people from all over the UK.

    The adjudicators for the day will be Glyn and Helen Williams of the Fodens Band.

    Closing date

    The closing date for all entries is Friday 21st May 2010, and copies of the rules, classes and entry forms can be obtained by emailing Chris Turner at or downloading attachments below

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  2. jockinafrock

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    Hi Chris - do we send a copy of the accompaniment with the entry form if we want to use the offical accompanist please? Cheers! :D
  3. chris turner

    chris turner New Member

    Hi that would be great, if you could send a practice copy marked up with any cuts that would be good. And then bring your original with you on the day of the contest. Cheers Chris
  4. jockinafrock

    jockinafrock Active Member

    What a great day! Well organised and a very friendly bunch! The prizes were a bonus, but well worth the 3 hr car ride anyway to catch up with the young 'uns mates and get some very constructive feedback from the talented Helen and Glyn Williams. :D
    Don't miss it next year folks - there're some very talented youngsters take part.

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