Gwent Solo and Quartet/Ensemble Contest 31st May 2008

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    Following the highly successful Solo & Quartet Contest last year, Gwent Music Services has confirmed that the 3rd Solo & Quartet Contest organised by Gwent Music Support Service will now take place on Saturday 31st May 2008 at the YMCA, Mendalgief Road, Newport.

    This year for the first time, the Solo & Quartet Contest will be open to bands from outside of the Gwent Youth Band structure and they look forward to receiving applications from these bands.

    New class

    There will be a new class this year. The Ensemble class will be available to a maximum of 12 players including percussion.

    The adjudicators for the day will be Owen Farr and Christopher Thomas.

    Closing date

    The closing date for all entries is Friday 9th May 2008, and copies of the rules, classes and entry forms can be obtained by emailing Alun Williams at or downloading attachments below

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