Gwent Music Services 'Ensembles' at St Davids Hall, Cardiff

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  1. TheMusicMan

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    Earlier in the year my daughters school choir won the Gwent Junior Schools Choir competition, and were then invited to sing in the Greater Gwent Summer Showcase; St David's Hall, Cardiff with 400 young junior choristers from across the county.

    WOW - what a superb musical evening it was too, and featured everything from Stomp like drummers, a Celtic 11 piece (with several under 12's), the Greater Gwent Brass Band and the absolutely awesome Greater Gwent Orchestra.

    By gosh there's some talent around...

    The Gwent Big Band have actually been invited to perform at the Brecon Jazz festival this year - the drummer - whoever he was - was simply superb.

    Anyone else on here go to the concert...?

    PS: Nice to see Hannah making her grand entrance to the stage as first on with the Brass Band and nearly falling head over heels. Drunk like her Dad I guess :)
  2. tam-tam2

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    Ross....I thought he was teetotal!! Mmmmmh...don't think he plays for a temperance band though. Well done to Hannah for making the Youth Band and also, John, you must have been proud of your daughter too....well done______, but somewhat embaressingly I have forgotten her nam and you have such a nice pic of her on your msn too
  3. TheMusicMan

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    Heather, Tim... :) and many thanks for the comments, yep, proud as any parent of a child who performed there yesterday would be - they were all fantastic.

    I saw Ross there yes, we chatted for a while - he plays now for BTM.
  4. welshbari_1992

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    Hi all
    yeh i wos playing in the brass band and wind symphonia last night thouroughly enjoyed the orchestra as well , american in paris sounded awesome !!
    wot did u think on the brass bands performance of the aeronauts ?
  5. TheMusicMan

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    I thought it was very good, though the acoustic wasn't that great last night to be honest and the sound wasn't as bright as I would have liked, it was a little muffled - but due to the hall and balance I feel not the band.

    Aeronauts is a great piece, having had much success with it - and with your top two cornets - principal and bumper up - playing for me while conducting it too!

    Overall, American in Paris was no doubt the best performance - but there would have been a time when it would have been undoubtedly the Gwent Youth Brass Band who would have played the performance of the evening!!
  6. welshbari_1992

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    Hi all
    yes I would agree American in Paris was the overall best performance last night and the accoustic is v different to what we norrmally play in. At this time of the year i think the students in the various ensembles throughout Gwent are so lucky to be playing in St Davids Hall one week then the next week Symphony Hall !! Two of the finest halls in Britain.

    This year has been an excellent year so far for Gwent Brass Band due to losing a lot of members last year and more coming in. I think the way the band have adapted to new conductors and different venues has really shown the potential we've now got in the band.

    If only we played Hawaii 5-0 after Aeronauts last night i think our performance would've been even better .... i just like doing the mexican wave and trying to play at the same time :p

    With Phillip Harper in the middle next week in Symphony Hall i no we're going to give some performance !!!
  7. tam-tam2

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    I am sure you will, Ben. All the best.

    On another note, I may well be making a fleeting appearance for Rogerstone at Belle Vue park......see you there......maybe........:tup