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    Back in the 70's (when i was a little tiny baby ;) ), my Dad had a vinyl LP of the GUS band, and i'm sure that on one side of the record were some Gilbert Vinter quartet's, maybe 4 or 5'ish (not sure!). I think something like "Fancy's Knell (or Nell) and "Alla Burlesque"???, etc, Does this ring any bell's with anybody?

    I would dearly like to get hold of a replacement, as it was loaned to someone and never seen again! :(

    Thanks in advance,

  2. TheMusicMan

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    Was another one called Concordia?

    Vinter was a master at composition and storytelling, he was one of the first to dare step outside the safe world of what people knew and accepted was brass music. IMHO ;)
  3. Straightmute

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    No, "Elegy and Rondo". The players are David Read, John Berryman, horn player whose name I forget and Trevor Groom. It's a classic recording, hard to come by, but well worth hearing.

  4. brassneck

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    The album was called "Quartets For Brass", originally recorded in 1968 and re-released under the Polyphonic label in 1979 (PRL 003). Gilbert Vinter was conductor and producer. The quartet was John Berryman & David Read (cornets), Trevor Groom (euph.) and John Corley (horn). The first side featured his quartets and the flipside a concerto grosso dedicated to conductor Stanley Boddington and had the quartet playing off the G.U.S. (Footwear) Band.


    side A:-

    1. Elegy And Rondo
    2. Fancy's Knell
    3. Alla Burlesca

    side B:-

    4. Lully's March
    5. Purcell's Song
    6. Rameau's Tambourin
    7. Handel's Air
    8. Bach's Badinerie
    9. Corelli's Dance
    10. Couperin's Lullaby
    11. Loeilly's Jig

  5. James Yelland

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    There is a copy of this LP being auctioned on Ebay UK at this very moment. Search in the music category under Quartets for Brass. Good luck.
  6. PeterBale

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  7. MickM

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    Thank's for the info guy's!


    Do you know if this recording has the same track list as the one you posted^^^ ?
    I'm currently bidding on ebay, but there's no track list!

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  8. brassneck

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    - that's the sleeve for the original 1968 pressing. Same tracks.

    (post-edit - when I refer to 1968, that's the year it was recorded ... not the release date of the album!)
  9. Dave Payn

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    If you contact Studio Music, they may have a cassette recording of it still. I bought one from there a couple of years ago. They (Polyphonic/Studio) didn't re-release it on CD as far as I'm aware. Well worth listening to if you can get hold of it.

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