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  1. Dizzy

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    I've suddenly devoloped this annoying habit of gulping when I'm nervous. When I start playing, I feel "normally" nervous but then I'll be half way through a phrase or long note, when all of a sudden...out of nowhere, I gulp!
    Anyone have any suggestions on how I can stop doing this? It's driving me crazy!!!
  2. squirrel

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    Well, from the lack of response so far, it seems as though you're on your own :(

    Is it a kind of "something trickling down the back of your throat" kind of gulp, like when your mouth's watering, or more of a "gasping for breath" type of action? I sometimes get the opposite extremes of mouth moistness when I'm nervous - one minute I've got a saliva overload, the next minute it's gone dry like I've been at a jacobs cracker eating competition.
  3. gawber

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    My problem when I played and was nervous was that I found myself yawning.
  4. Kaskaey

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    oh this is stupid. i only came on here to read and now i cant stop gulping in mid air. this is like one of those 'cant stop' contegious thing like increasing the pitch at the end of sentences. *gulp* ok i really dont no how to stop now.
  5. I do that gulping thing sometimes (well, rarely), if someone in my peripheral vision makes a sudden movement. You may find that someone is shooting "looks" at you from one side. If you're already a bit stressed, it can trigger an instictive reaction.
  6. cookie2

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    I've experienced a gulping sensation a couple of times in the past, usually when I'm running out of breath and pretty much empty. It's kind of a reflex thing I think, not sure if that's what you're talking about though.

    Also when I was a student I found that I was doing a funny thing with the back of my throat when I was double or triple tonguing, don't think my technique was quite right. My teacher sorted that out by just making me do a load of practice on it, lots of Arban exercises to develop the right sort of action.