Guggenband Gig (PLAYER'S NEEDED)

Discussion in 'Recruitment Corner' started by Craigblade, Nov 24, 2004.

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    Hi all,
    My name is Craig Wolstenholme and along with taking a Master's of Music degree at Leeds University, I also play in a really fun band based in Barnsley called Frumptarn Guggenband, conducted by Keith Ramskill. (the name Frumptarn being slang for 'from-town' - must be a Barnsley thing!)

    The band is most closely related to a samba band, and they take popular tunes, and literally give them a samba twist! Pieces we play include Soul Limbo, Ilkley Moor, Brazil, Tico Tico, James Bond to name a few. There are about 20 percussionists and currently 10 instrumentalists (we could do with an extra 10 instrumentalists though!). The instruments that can play are any brass, plus saxophones (we're really desperate for baritone sax players also!). We also have bright orange uniforms, orange hats, and wear orange face-paint (just to make sure we're seen!), and the atmosphere we create is amazing - you'll be dancing to the music straight away! :eek:

    Although in the UK this type of band is relatively unheard of, over in Germany and surrounding countries they have this type of band in almost every town, and they also have massive festivals every year which we have participated in before, in front of thousands of people.

    The band does get some quite high profile gigs. The last gig for example was in front of 5000 people in the World Firefighters Games, and previous gigs have been at Leeds University, the opening of Xcape indoor snow park, the opening of the Silkstone Brass Band Contest, and in the Lord Mayor's Parade in Barnsley.

    We welcome ANY new players, and especially basses and baritone saxs who we are particularly short of at the moment.

    If anyone is interested there is actually a gig this Friday evening in Barnsley town centre, for the opening of the Christmas Markets, 6-7pm, and we play on a stage that they are putting up for us. (we meet 5.45 around Littlewoods). The music is quite straightforward so anyone could sight read it. Please call or text me on 07763609138 ASAP if interested in helping us out for this gig, and possibly joining us permanently.


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    Hi Craig and welcome to tMP. I can vouch for what Craig has just said about Fumptarn as I have played with them over the last 18 months. Great bunch and very laid back music. It amazes me that the audience response to a bunch of musicians wearing orange overalls, face paintings and safety hats with lights on is completely different to when you're playing in the normal brass band set up.

    I first played with this group in February 2003 on their trip to Schwamish Gmund near Stuttgart and it was an amazing experience. 25 other "guggen bands" with anything from 5 to 70 players in each group, 6 sousaphones and 15 trombones, 20 trumpets and dozens of percussion makes some noise. All these groups play in fancy dress; last time there were penguins, vampires, Father Christmas, clowns, sailors, voodoo, Samuri, Lord of the Rings, American Sailors, Blues Brothers etc and each band learns a set of about 15 minutes music.

    These bands come mainly from Switzerland, Austria, Leichtenstein and Southern Germany and perform mainly as part of the Shrove Tuesday, Mardi Gras or Fast Nicht celebrations prior to Lent. They are similar to the American style marching bands and incorporate elements of showmanship into both their costumes and music.

    If you fancy trying something a bit different to banding but not as formal as a brass ensemble contact Craig and get along.

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