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  1. Need some help and advise to a starting point! Would like to start pushing myself more, so what is the general etiquette/way of finding soloist engagements with other bands? Thanks for your help! :)
  2. Dave Thornton

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    Lots and lots of practice........
  3. Rapier

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    Yeah, like you'd know. :wink: :cool:

    (oh and get your web designer to put a space between 'hisgeneration' on the home page, Dave.)
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  4. eflatbass

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    Gosh, Dave! Do you mean you have to practice to be as good as you are? So that's the secret!
  5. ploughboy

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    If you truly believe you are good enough to be doing solo jobs then why not start by offering your services free to a local Youth Band for a concert. In all honesty most bands book guest soloists based on their name and reputation as often, part of the process is often about putting extra bums on seats!
  6. Daisy Duck

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    Sssshhhh Dave, you're giving away the trade secrets! ;)

    I think most bands, if they're getting a guest soloist in, would want to book a "big name" like Dave - someone who's got a principal seat in one of the top top bands etc. The idea is that the name of the guest soloist would help to draw a few more crowds, and inspire the players in your own band.

    So do as many solos as possible with your own band for now, build up your repertoire, enter lots of solo competitions and win them, go to music college, join a top top band, get a principal seat and get a reputation as being a consistent, top class player with an absolutely amazing sound. Recording a CD probably helps too.

    Or you could move to Armagh in Northern Ireland - I think about 20 local kids got to play a solo with Fodens at the weekend! Lovely video of one of them here


    Good luck!
  7. Thank you all for replies, I shall take it all on board!
  8. JCY

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    You could also enter solo contests and maybe even organise your own recital (or club together with a few friends and do a few pieces each).


    Solo Horn, City of Cambridge Band

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