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  1. Grimethorpe have lost a few key players, each saying they don't agree with the direction the band is going.

    Has the band really changed direction in any meaningful sense, or is this just the usual ups and downs of banding?
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  2. Honest Cornet

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    It does seem that there are a lot of people leaving at present, so suggests a fall out about something.
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  3. tallyman

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    Honest Cornet you seem to imply that some of the players were not sacked do you know something ?
  4. Honest Cornet

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    No, only what I've read and all I've read is people resigning. But that's a lot of resignations and a few have said about the path the band are going down, whatever that means.
  5. What path? This seems odd.
  6. Elfman

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    I think these resignations are unfortunate, but it looks as though the band are appointing bigger and better. All the best to them I say! Ones to watch?
  7. 2nd tenor

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    It would be helpful to have some references for your sources of information, please.

    Of course the direction that any Band wants to take is up to 'them' but it is interesting to watch and then learn from what others do. Belonging to any group does seem to have its ups and downs, and (IMHO) musicians seem to argue amongst themselves at least as much as any other group.
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  9. tallyman

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    I believe Grimethorpe have also just " resigned " their conductor, did he say about the paths ?
  10. Honest Cornet

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    Indeed he did, he used that exact term, as we can all see if we read the news when Phillip announced it.

    Not sure what Mr Withington said when re-signing for Grimey, nothing from him personally that I have read. Although the inverted commas may mean you are suggesting something else, but the written word can be ambiguous.
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  11. Mello

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    Seems that rumours are inevitable when players leave bands...some true , some not. The old saying Players win Contests ...Conductors lose them is often the belief of players , leading to parting of the waves. Sadly , it can often be the opposite. However, on the plus side.. whatever the belief or reason, disruption isn't conducive to harmony, and better to make the break , even if it is dramatic . If the will is there , the band will recover , make take time , but its certainly possible. Another factor can be the administrators or management or even outside influences. A sponsor loss can affect money motivated players/conductors, just as much as a Bolshevik manager /secretary , specially if they are non players with no understanding of the needs and expectations of certain players. Obviously there could be many reasons.....and I suggest its simply best to leave speculations aside . not to spread rumours , or take sides.. just let them get on with it . Specially if one is not directly involved. Incorrect rumours can destroy reputations of the innocent.
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