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    Why does Grimethorpe Colliery Band only have male players?
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    I don't think has been a particular reason for decades! In the past the members of Grimethorpe worked in the coal mines, which was a 'mans job', hence no women in the band!
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    Now I know, thanks ;)
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    yes I think it is all simply tradition. Now there is only Brighouse and Rastrick Band left with an all male band I believe!
  8. Mr. Stomvi

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    Why aren't there any men in Boobs and Brass ? :)
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    I'm sure plenty of us could qualify....
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    Beat me to it... ;)
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    About 10 years ago I heard an article on Woman's Hour about bands that don't have women players. I can't remember which bands they spoke to but the main reasons given were:
    Lack of toilet facilities
    Lack of changing facilities
    Women's inability to move equipment.

    I don't know whether these are still the reasons now.
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    the real reason is because women just don't dress in the same way....
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    I like a good honest reason.
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    surely the band would then be called Moobs and Brass.... simples!
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    I played in a large brass group at a friend's wedding some years ago. I was loitering around out side the church before the rehearsal when I saw this very attractive young woman appearing to struggle to carry a tuba into the church. Thinking that she was carrying it in for her husband or boyfriend while he parked the car, I asked her if she would like me to carry it for her. She declined my offer and I thought nothing more of it until she took her place in the tuba section alongside me!
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    We did at Butlins earlier in the year. There was a raffle with a "booby" prize, and the prize was to accompany the girls for their concert on centre stage. The prize was won by a very sporting young man called Ben, who donned a pink wig and skirt and joined the euphonium section for the evening. :clap:

    We also have a few males who help out a rehearsals if we know one of the girls is not able to make it. We refer to them as "implants".

    Amanda - 1st Baritone Boobs and Brass
  17. A couple of years ago Mark Walters played for them on the front row at Whit Friday. Great player, smashin' bloke, and the photo's confirmed that he definitely had the biggest boobs in the band by a margin!;)
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    :clap: :clap: :biggrin:
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    He looks worryingly comfortable in that wig and outfit :biggrin:
    Fair play though. Well done Ben for being such a good sport!