Grimethorpe Band require Repiano Player

Discussion in 'Recruitment Corner' started by onedrummeruk, Feb 22, 2004.

  1. onedrummeruk

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    Repiano Cornet Player Required - The band are now auditioning for a first class Repiano Player and join the ranks of the cornet section.

    If you want to play the best capacity audience venues with the most experienced Conductors and take part in regular Tours across the globe (AUSTRALIA IN 2005), apply now.

    If you are interested in this position please contact Richard Marshall (Principal Cornet) in confidence on (01302) 726140 of E-Mail him on
  2. onedrummeruk

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    Reminder that the Rep player position is still available

    Reminder from Moderators - No bumping please!
    (Surprised at you, Mark, thought you would know better :!: )
    PB, Mod
  3. onedrummeruk

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    Never heard of this bumping lark.

    But when a conductor position can be "stuck" which was submitted on the 28th Jan and hasnt been replied to since the 1st Feb (almost 2 months), I didnt think there was any problems in reminding the people on here that a position in this band was still available. I understand the reasons you "Stuck" it, but as its been there for so long, so i suppose that is a perminant bump????
  4. Lauradoll

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    Yeah I agree with Mark. And after all he only wants to fill his vacancy. G'wan lad!!
  5. PeterBale

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    Having looked again at this one, the initial intervention may have been a little hasty. Under certain circumstances, a reminder posting on a thread is acceptable, and it had been 4 weeks since the initial posting - sorry Mark!

    Now, who's going to apply to play rep with Grimethorpe?
    (free "bump" courtesy of the Mods)
  6. Well Worth It

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    Your unfortunate loss is Hepworth's gain.
    Hope you find someone soon.
  7. Moy

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    Go Mark go....can't believe nobody has applied yet.
    Probably one of the busiest bands, maybe that has put players off.....wimps.
  8. onedrummeruk

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    We are busy, but not very busy against other bands.

    I have had a little look at other bands web-sites for the rest of this year and heres what it shows, these are bands that came in the top prizes at the areas (excluding CD recordings)

    Black Dyke - 33 Concerts
    Cambourne - 30
    Grimethorpe - 24
    Fodens - 23
    Wingates - 20
    Cory - 20
    Leyland - 19 (No December listings)
    Brighouse - 19

    Doesnt seem so bad to me.
  9. Aidan

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    ybs - 16 :p :D