Grimethorpe at Southsea

Discussion in ' User Reviews' started by Old Hornblower 33, May 17, 2011.

  1. Old Hornblower 33

    Old Hornblower 33 New Member

    Last Saturday Grimethorpe played a concert in the King's Theatre Southsea.

    The sound of the band and the individual players was superb, bordering on the sumptuous: and the technical ability on display close to jaw-dropping. Everything they played was superbly done.

    I would just make two or three points: there were six items "To be selected" in the programme: speed does not necessarily equate with musicality: and the many brass players in the audience were yearning for just one solid work for brass among the plethora of lollipops.

    The lands south of the Yorkshire border are not entirely virgin territory for brass!
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