Grimethorpe Arnold Tribute Concert

Discussion in ' User Reviews' started by RondoRotundo, Sep 28, 2004.

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    Did anyone attend the Malcolm Arnold concert by Grimethorpe at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, London last night?
    What a superb evening and how well attended for a Monday evening.
    The band were on top form and we were treated to two hours of music by not only Malcolm Arnold but also Walton - The First Shoot, Vinter - Spectrum, Howells - Pageantry and Howarth - 5 Folk Songs which featured Soprano vocalist Christine Buffle, an item which proved a welcome contrast with the band parts so subtley scored.
    The Arnold items featured were Four Scottish Dances, Siciliano (Little Suite No.1), Four Cornish Dances, Fanfare for Louis (featuring Richard Marshall and Lee Rigg offstage), Little Suite No.2 and Fantasy with Rondo (Little Suite No.1) as the encore.
    I seemed to be surrounded by non-bandspeople who were bowled over by both music and musicianship and most were unprepared for what they actually encountered in both musical content and quality of performance.
    Apart from the odd momentary slip (and loose canon in Spectrum!) the playing was superb, in particular the slow and quiet passages were of a very high standard making the listening all the more enjoyable and it was great to hear three percussionists playing the more simple, but no less effective, parts in the lesser works, eg. the Maraccas in the Siciliano.
    Certainly the audience went home well pleased and the band, too, must feel justifiably proud of their performance.
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    It was certainly a first-class evening and, as you say, notable for the large number of people there primarily due to the Arnold connection, rather than the fact it was a band. I've just emailed my review to Iwan and it should shortly apear on 4barsrest.
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    I entirely agree with Rondo and Peter. A first class concert and nearly a sell-out too.I wish Bands would give these concerts more often in London.The first- timers near me in the audience were bowled over and disappointed that another Brass Band concert was not likely in the near future at QEH.